Mobile Security : Are You Compromising Yours for Convenience?

compromising mobile security for convenience

Do you feel 100% secure in your organization’s mobile security preparations? Mobile security can be a scary thing when you don’t fully understand it. In the “real world,” you can see when a door isn’t locked, or a safe is left open. But in the digital world, it can require specialized training to know when […]

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Our “Secure” Mobile Devices Might Be More Insecure Than We Think

With the advent of fingerprint and face-scanning technology, we tend to walk around with a misplaced confidence in the security of our mobile devices. And who can blame us? Companies like Apple and Google spend countless dollars on advertising just how “secure” their devices are. Apple, for example, claims that there is only a 1 […]

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Secret Gadgets Police and Government Use to Spy On Your Cell Phone

COMSEC IMSI Catcher Case Study

Cell Phone Spying A secret catalog of cell phone spying gadgets used by the military and intelligence agencies was recently leaked. The list of cell phone spying gadgets includes the infamous Stingray. Boeing’s dirty boxes are also in the catalog. What’s surprising is just how many cell phone spying devices there are! The cost of […]

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Mobile Spy & Cellular Bugging: How Can I Tell If My Mobile Phone is Tapped?

Most cell phone owners aren’t fully aware of the fact that their own mobile phones can turn them into misfortunate victims of modern espionage. Nowadays, advanced technology has led to the creation of highly sophisticated spyware programs that can transform your cell phone into an accurate source of information, an open microphone exploited by eavesdroppers […]

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Industrial Espionage: Five Clues You May be a Target of Competitive Intelligence

Industrial espionage, also listed under the “competitive intelligence” metaphor, is considered a powerful risk factor by millions of influent businessmen who are willing to invest a lot of money in programs, tools and experts allowing them to protect their privacy and their confidential, sensitive information on secret negotiations, important clients, huge business deals, new strategies […]

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5 Corporate Espionage cases that’ll make you re-evaluate your security

There is a common misconception about corporate espionage: many view the practice as a concern for only businesses with sensitive, government-related intelligence dealings. But this could not be further from the truth. Small businesses, large corporations and even some individuals are victims to such stealthy acquisition of information. It is projected that American companies as […]

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