Mobile Device Security – The Current Corporate Threat Landscape

Corporate Mobile Threats

Mobile Device Security – The Current Corporate Threat Landscape   There was a time when the only place customers or coworkers could reach you was at the office or home. Weren’t those days quaint! Nowadays, our mobile devices go with us everywhere, making them indispensable in both our personal and professional lives. Corporations of all […]

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AirPods: Harmless Accessory or Cyber Eavesdropping Device?

Apple AirPods Cyber Eavesdropping Threat

Do Apple AirPods pose a cyber eavesdropping / IoT threat to your company? One of the most recent innovations in portable music came from Apple back in 2016. After redefining the music scene with iPod in 2001 and the iPhone in 2007, Apple released a brand-new audio accessory that changed the way that many people […]

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The Espionage Risks of 5G

Cell Phone Forensics Service

As a society, we LOVE new technology. There’s a reason why every Apple live stream or Google announcement is poured over by the press. We can’t wait to see what new innovations in technology are going to improve our lives (or at least entertain us for a while.) One of the biggest revolutions in online […]

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What Are Your Expectations of Privacy at Work?

expectations privacy work

In the security world, we’re always concerned about the concept of “Big Brother.” This is code for a group that has your “best interests at heart” and monitors you “for your own good.” Note the air quotes. The concept of Big Brother was introduced in George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984, where an oppressive government regime […]

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Detecting Corporate Data Leak Exposures With OSINT

Data Leak Assessment

Do you want to know one of the biggest cybersecurity risks out there for individuals and organizations? Publicly accessible information. Every other week, you read about some massive organization that had their data hacked and released on the web. Sometimes, this data was out there on the dark web for months and months before anyone […]

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Best Way To Find A Hidden Camera or Spy Gadget

Tips on What Not To Do and The Best Way to Find a Hidden Camera or Spy Gadget If you suspect your business or home is under surveillance with a hidden camera or spy gadget, you may not know where to turn for help. Chances are your quest will include an online search for the […]

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Corporate Espionage and Protecting Proprietary Information

>> On average, corporate espionage costs businesses more than $400 billion yearly. >> Certain precautions must be incorporated into the framework of an effective Data Security Program to protect valuable corporate information from espionage attempts. >> TSCM is an acronym that stands for Technical Surveillance Countermeasures. >> Personnel charged with maintaining your cybersecurity program are […]

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Election Years And Electronic Eavesdropping

Election years present an increased risk of politically motived electronic eavesdropping. The candidates, campaign staff, political organizations, the press and/or news media may be targeted for electronic eavesdropping. From campaign strategies to dirty little secrets, an election can be won (or lost) because valuable information is captured, leveraged and/or reported. An exclusive election news story […]

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Corporate Espionage & The Insider Threat:

Effective Risk Management Requires More Than A Strong Cybersecurity Program

With a global cost of $445 billion annually, cybercrime and espionage[1] are a significant risk to an organization’s bottom line. US businesses seeking to effectively manage their risks cannot overlook the threat they pose or their potential financial implications. According to a recent study by Allianz, cybercrime, IT failures, espionage and data breaches are ranked the third most important US business risk[2], preceded in importance only by business interruptions/supply chain risks (ranked 1st) and natural catastrophes (ranked 2nd). Regardless if the threat is foreign or domestic, perpetrated by a company insider or an outsider, a single event can result in damage to brand reputation, lead to an erosion of customer confidence and/or financially devastate the affected company. In today’s digital world, a comprehensive cybersecurity program is a necessity, but relying solely on cybersecurity to address cybercrime and corporate espionage risks simply is not sufficient. J.D. LeaSure, President/CEO of ComSec LLC and a counterespionage expert, provides valuable insight into protecting corporate information from insider threats that corporate cybersecurity programs do not address.

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The Company Man: Protecting America’s Secrets

Note: The below video is based on an actual FBI case. And, illustrates the necessity to implement a ComSec TSCM Service Option as a crucial component of your companies risk management program. Don’t allow YOUR company to become one of the FBI’s corporate espionage statistics! Contact ComSec today, we can help. ~JDL As part of […]

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