Reasons You Need A Bug Sweep After A Breakup


Reasons You Need a Bug Sweep After A Breakup Breakups are challenging. Ending an intimate personal relationship can drain you emotionally, physically and financially. And, before cellphones, smart appliances, home Wi-Fi and other modern connected devices came along, separating lives after a breakup was a whole lot easier. Now, the connected relationship becomes a complicated […]

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Network Threats: Corporate Mobile Devices & Public Wi-Fi

Network Threats Corporate Mobile Devices Public WiFi

Network Threats : Corporate Mobile Devices & Public Wi-Fi It’s incredible how many people don’t realize that their mobile devices are vulnerable to hackers or electronic eavesdroppers. Countless individuals employed at corporations only think in terms of computers when considering cybersecurity. They only think of viruses and hackers, worming their way into desktops and laptops. […]

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Mobile Device Security – The Current Corporate Threat Landscape

Corporate Mobile Threats

Mobile Device Security – The Current Corporate Threat Landscape   There was a time when the only place customers or coworkers could reach you was at the office or home. Weren’t those days quaint! Nowadays, our mobile devices go with us everywhere, making them indispensable in both our personal and professional lives. Corporations of all […]

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Mobile Security : Are You Compromising Yours for Convenience?

compromising mobile security for convenience

Do you feel 100% secure in your organization’s mobile security preparations? Mobile security can be a scary thing when you don’t fully understand it. In the “real world,” you can see when a door isn’t locked, or a safe is left open. But in the digital world, it can require specialized training to know when […]

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SWEYNTOOTH Bluetooth Flaw Affects IoT Devices to Security Systems

SweynTooth Security Flaw

SWEYNTOOTH Bluetooth Flaw Affects IoT Devices to Security Systems It’s difficult to imagine the modern workplace without wireless technology. It wasn’t that long ago when everything was connected with wires: phones, internet, headsets… Nowadays, that’s all handled by LTE, WiFi, and, of course, Bluetooth. Bluetooth technology has revolutionized the world of consumer electronics. It’s found […]

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AirPods: Harmless Accessory or Cyber Eavesdropping Device?

Apple AirPods Cyber Eavesdropping Threat

Do Apple AirPods pose a cyber eavesdropping / IoT threat to your company? One of the most recent innovations in portable music came from Apple back in 2016. After redefining the music scene with iPod in 2001 and the iPhone in 2007, Apple released a brand-new audio accessory that changed the way that many people […]

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O.MG Cable : Heads Up About a Serious Privacy Threat

O.MG Cable: Serious Privacy Threat

O.MG Cable Privacy Threat How do you charge your wireless devices? While wireless charging is gaining popularity as a way to charge up our phones, the vast majority of people still use cables. If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, then your cable of choice is likely the Lightning Connector. The Lightning Connector was Apple’s […]

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The Espionage Risks of 5G

Cell Phone Forensics Service

As a society, we LOVE new technology. There’s a reason why every Apple live stream or Google announcement is poured over by the press. We can’t wait to see what new innovations in technology are going to improve our lives (or at least entertain us for a while.) One of the biggest revolutions in online […]

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What Are Your Expectations of Privacy at Work?

expectations privacy work

In the security world, we’re always concerned about the concept of “Big Brother.” This is code for a group that has your “best interests at heart” and monitors you “for your own good.” Note the air quotes. The concept of Big Brother was introduced in George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984, where an oppressive government regime […]

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