Network Threats: Corporate Mobile Devices & Public Wi-Fi

Network Threats Corporate Mobile Devices Public WiFi

Network Threats : Corporate Mobile Devices & Public Wi-Fi It’s incredible how many people don’t realize that their mobile devices are vulnerable to hackers or electronic eavesdroppers. Countless individuals employed at corporations only think in terms of computers when considering cybersecurity. They only think of viruses and hackers, worming their way into desktops and laptops. […]

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AirPods: Harmless Accessory or Cyber Eavesdropping Device?

Apple AirPods Cyber Eavesdropping Threat

Do Apple AirPods pose a cyber eavesdropping / IoT threat to your company? One of the most recent innovations in portable music came from Apple back in 2016. After redefining the music scene with iPod in 2001 and the iPhone in 2007, Apple released a brand-new audio accessory that changed the way that many people […]

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Corporate Espionage, Protecting Corporate Information

Corporate espionage costs businesses more than $400 billion yearly. Corporate information theft implements can range from cyber attacks to simple bugging devices. The spy may be anyone with a motive. Insiders, ex-employees, competitors, activists, private investigators, foreigners and others can target your business. It’s hard to predict who is hiding behind the corporate espionage mask. […]

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Corporate Espionage & The Insider Threat:

Effective Risk Management Requires More Than A Strong Cybersecurity Program

With a global cost of $445 billion annually, cybercrime and espionage[1] are a significant risk to an organization’s bottom line. US businesses seeking to effectively manage their risks cannot overlook the threat they pose or their potential financial implications. According to a recent study by Allianz, cybercrime, IT failures, espionage and data breaches are ranked the third most important US business risk[2], preceded in importance only by business interruptions/supply chain risks (ranked 1st) and natural catastrophes (ranked 2nd). Regardless if the threat is foreign or domestic, perpetrated by a company insider or an outsider, a single event can result in damage to brand reputation, lead to an erosion of customer confidence and/or financially devastate the affected company. In today’s digital world, a comprehensive cybersecurity program is a necessity, but relying solely on cybersecurity to address cybercrime and corporate espionage risks simply is not sufficient. J.D. LeaSure, President/CEO of ComSec LLC and a counterespionage expert, provides valuable insight into protecting corporate information from insider threats that corporate cybersecurity programs do not address.

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