Kestrel Remote Virtual Classroom

Kestrel TSCM Professional Software Remote Virtual Classroom Training & Certification

5-Day | On-Site USA Remote Virtual Classroom

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The Kestrel Remote Virtual Classroom is a high quality Kestrel TSCM Professional Software certification based training via a remote instructional team that is virtually on-site to monitor and directs skill and experienced-based learning. The Kestrel Remote Virtual Classroom (RVC) TM training is conducted as a 5-day format that is time-zone friendly and participant work-day oriented for maximum efficiency. Training certifications include either virtual Certified Technical Operator (CTO) TM or Certified Government Technical Operator (CGTO) TM  depending on affiliation. The program format is instructor taught, monitored and includes instructor / participant interaction as a qualifying certificate program with challenge and response requirements

Kestrel Remote Virtual Classroom

Kestrel Remote Virtual Classroom – How It Works

  • The Kestrel Classroom Management System (CMS) TM  is shipped to your USA location with the necessary instructions and support. Note: the CMS TM “black box” technology is provided on a loan basis, and must be returned upon completion of the certification training.
  • Participants are directly engaged in the training with a realistic Over-the-Air (OTA), live Radio-Frequency (RF) and Power Line (PL) training environment across an interactive Kestrel user-interface that can be projected within the training environment.
  • The remote instructional team, who are located at the Red Deer Training Centre (RDTC) TM  in Alberta Canada, lead the training remotely using the Kestrel CMS TM technology.
  • Participants and Instructors see the same localized and enhanced signal environment.
  • The Kestrel CMS TM technology is managed at your location and is setup by your designated responsible person across a dedicated network connection for instructional C2 access during the training.
  • The Kestrel CMS TM is activated at the beginning of each training day by attaching and placing two (2) separate antennas within the training environment and connecting the system to the classroom projector.

Kestrel Remote Virtual Classroom

Kestrel Remote Virtual Classroom Requirements

  • Each Kestrel remote virtual classroom participant must have a valid Kestrel TSCM ® Professional Software license, computer and supported SDR radio. The equipment must be fully operational and available for use through the 5-day virtual classroom training.
  • Minimum of six (6) students per Kestrel remote virtual classroom. Some exceptions may apply.
  • Participants must attend all 5-days of the training to qualify for the Certified Technical Operator (CTO) TM or Certified Government Technical Operator (CGTO)TM  designation.

Kestrel Remote Virtual Classroom Pricing

  • Minimum of six (6) students per remote virtual classroom training event (at the standard pricing level.) If less than six students will attend, contact ComSec LLC for pricing and availability for smaller groups.
  • Controlled-goods practices may be required.
  • There is no additional charge for the CMS TM technology loaner unit, aside from a flat rate shipping costs which are added to the training quote provided the unit is returned in good working condition. If the unit is not returned or returned in damaged condition additional charges will apply.

Benefits of Kestrel Remote Virtual Classroom Training

  • Provides high quality, instructor led Kestrel TSCM Pro Software training at your USA location.
  • Budget friendly. Reduces or eliminates costs for travel for student(s) to attend training at a remote location.
  • Reduced or eliminates COVID related risks associated with traveling to remote facilities and exposures.
  • Provides a method for students to obtain Kestrel training and certification needed to effectively use the Kestrel TSCM Pro Software.

Kestrel Remote Virtual Classroom

About Kestrel TSCM Pro Software

Kestrel TSCM Software is an industry leading RF spectrum analysis software. Kestrel software leverages advanced software defined radio (SDR) concepts to deliver standalone RF spectrum surveillance, monitoring, collection and analysis functionality. This award winning software is well suited for professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) applications.

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Kestrel TSCM Software is a Canadian innovation. ComSec LLC is the exclusive distributor of the Kestrel TSCM Pro Software in the USA. Kestrel TSCM Software purchased on ComSe’c web site is delivered electronically by ComSec LLC. As well, Kestrel TSCM software updates are also provided by ComSec LLC via our secure portal.

Kestrel TSCM® Software is a product of the Professional Development TSCM Group Inc. of Canada. Kestrel TSCM® is a registered trademark of PDTG Inc.