Predator RF Hunter Spectrum Analysis Kit

Featuring Kestrel TSCM Pro Software
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Predator RF Hunter 6 GHz in Hard Case ComSec’s Predator RF Hunter Kit is a mobile, field ready Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum analysis solution. The Predator RF Hunter is a fully preconfigured, spectrum analysis system provided in a hard case.

The system is powered by the award winning Kestrel TSCM Professional Software, and features either a Signal Hound BB60C 6 GHz or SM200B 20 GHz software defined radio (SDR). Together with an optimized laptop, the Predator RF Hunter provides a fully featured, operator centric RF collection and analysis experience that is unmatched in the industry.

The Predator RF Hunter is optimal for professional technical surveillance countermeasures TSCM, SIGINT, intelligence, counter terrorism, managed Remote Spectrum Surveillance and Monitoring (RSSM), the law enforcement community, government, military, space, and spectrum regulatory agencies.

ComSec LLC is the exclusive, sole source COTS provider of the Kestrel TSCM Pro Software in the United States of America, and the Predator RF Hunter.

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Kestrel TSCM Pro Software

Kestrel TSCM Professional Software

The ComSec Predator RF Hunter features the Kestrel TSCM Pro Software. It is a powerful, full featured, operator centric professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) software.  More specifically, Kestrel leverages advanced software defined radio (SDR) concepts to deliver standalone RF spectrum surveillance, monitoring, collection and analysis functionality. And, it is a highly deployable, mission scalable, travel friendly, full featured RF spectrum analysis software for professionals.

With Kestrel Software, the technical operator is back in command of the analytical process. Accordingly, the software features an intuitive, user-friendly operator centric user interface. And, the technical operator can setup, navigate, view and analyze multiple instances of independent spectrum and waterfall data sets. As well, Kestrel supports a variety of global and independent preferences to improve operator situational awareness.

Learn more about the Kestrel TSCM Pro Software features, functions and optional modules.

Signal Hound Spectrum Analyzers

The ComSec Predator RF Hunter is powered by a Signal Hound spectrum analyzer. Signal Hound software defined radios (SDR) are  high-performance RF spectrum analyzers and monitoring receivers, designed for fast and accurate RF data analysis at the lowest cost possible.

The BB60C features:

Signal Hound BB60C 6 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

  • 9 kHz to 6 GHz Spectrum Analyzer and RF Recorder
  • Instantaneous bandwidth of 27 MHz
  • Streams 140 MB/sec of digitized RF to the PC utilizing USB 3.0
  • Sweep speeds of 24 GHz/sec
  • Standard Temperature 0C to +65C

Learn more about the Signal Hound BB60C RF spectrum analyzer features and functions.


The SM200B features:

Predator RF Hunter: Signal Hound SM200B SDR

  • Tunes from 100 kHz to 20 GHz
  • 160 MHz instantaneous bandwidth (IBW) calibrated I/Q capture
  • 2-seconds of 160 MHz bandwidth block transfer buffer
  • Sweeps at 1 THz/sec at 30 kHz RBW
  • 110 dB of dynamic range
  • Ultra-low phase noise
  • GPIO port antenna switching
  • 2-second I/Q buffer over USB 3.0 to the PC.

Learn more about the Signal Hound SM200B RF spectrum analyzer features and functions.

Signal Hound SDRs are manufactured in the USA.


Predator RF Hunter Features

The Predator RF Hunter is a true mobile, SIGINT solution. After use, disconnect the laptop from the SDR and antenna, store the accessories in the lid organizer (power cable, mouse, antenna, etc.), and place the laptop in the provided case. Close and secure the lid and you’re ready to go.

The 6 GHz unit can be stored in an overhead bin or under the seat of most commercial or private aircraft. The 20 GHz model is designed as a check bag for commercial aircraft. Each model is supplied with TSA locks.



6 GHz Kit Closed                                         6 GHz Kit Operating with Computer Open

Predator RF Hunter 6 GHz Hard Case

Predator RF Hunter 6 GHz Hard Case Computer Open

Predator RF Hunter Components

The Predator RF Hunter Standard includes:

  • Optimized Laptop
  • Kestrel TSCM Pr0 Software License (Optional Modules Available)
  • Signal Hound software defined radio (6 GHz or 20 GHz)
  • Mouse
  • USB 3.0 powered HUB
  • Hard Case (6 GHz with shoulder strap, 20 GHz rolling case)

Benefits of ComSec Predator RF Hunter

  • Components are high quality, field tested and provide optimal performance as a system.
  • Predator RF Hunter is provided as a fully operational system.
  • The laptop is updated & optimized for performance with the Kestrel TSCM Pro Software & SDR.
  • The Kestrel TSCM Pro Software is pre-loaded and paired with the SDR.
  • You get the benefit of the unmatched power of the Kestrel TSCM Pro software and the high performance of the Signal Hound spectrum analyzer.
  • The system is mobile and travel friendly.
  • The Predator RF Hunter system’s operation has been verified and is field ready.

Kestrel TSCM Pro Software USA SalesKestrel TSCM® Pro Software is a product of the Professional Development TSCM Group Inc. of Canada. Kestrel TSCM® is a registered trademark of PDTG Inc.


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