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cell phone mobile protection box

An effective solution to prevent the security risk of cell phone microphone eavesdropping during sensitive discussions and meetings.


The Cell Phone Mobile Protection Box is specifically designed for secure area(s), and where sensitive information is discussed, such as in C-Suite offices and meeting rooms. The CMPB houses a proprietary protection device that renders the microphones of cell phones inoperable. Yet, it does not affect the handset’s ability to receive phone calls, text messages, emails, etc.

The CMPB is silent to the user while operating. And, the maximum level of microphone protection is provided, while also not causing damage to the mobile handsets.  The CMPB is effective for even the latest cell phone models that have superb quality in-built microphones.

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Our cell phones are a professional necessity, but they also pose a serious security risk. The Cell Phone Mobile Protection Box is an effective solution to prevent cell phone eavesdropping and microphone recording in sensitive areas!



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How the Cell Phone Mobile Protection Box Works

cell phone mobile protection box

  • The cell phone’s Wi-Fi and BlueTooth are switched off.
  • The cell phone(s) is then placed in the CMPB with the microphone end of the cell phone closest to the USB charging sockets of the CMPB.
  • The CMPB is turned on and operation is verified by the color of the indicator light.
  • When the CMPB unit is operational, its proprietary protection technology results in masking of audio/ conversation and other ambient sounds within range of the cell phone’s microphone.

Listen to an Audio Recording of Normal Speech with the CMPB off, and Then After it is Switched On:




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Cell Phone Mobile Protection Box

Why the Cell Phone Mobile Protection Box Technology Is the Best Option to Prevent Microphone Spying During Sensitive Meetings or Conversations


  • Faraday bags/lockers stop cellular service for the cell phone only while the cell phone is inside the Faraday unit. Once the cell phone is removed from the Faraday unit, any recording(s) that were made while the cell phone was in the Faraday unit can be sent to the spy once the network service resumes. Faraday devices do not stop the recording function of the cell phone, but rather stop the network connection(s) that allows initiation of, or forward of, the recordings.
  • AirPods can provide access to the microphone on a paired cell phone(s) for a approximately 60 feet. So, a spy could connect AirPods to a cell phone in a meeting room and listen in via BlueTooth connected AirPods. But, the CMPB box masks the conversation/recording.  So, any microphone access or audio recording from a paired cell phone will only be able to access the masked conversation/recording  . . not the true audio.

The Cell Phone Mobile Protection Box doesn’t disable a network connection(s), it actually causes the microphone in the cell phone to capture masked sound only. So, all that is processed by the cell phone microphone is unintelligible random sounds.


Development, Approvals & Warranty Info

Cell Phone Mobile Protection Box CMPB

Designed and manufactured in the UK by Komcept Solutions Ltd.

Developed in conjunction with UK National Authority for Counter Eavesdropping (NACE) and FCDO Services.

UK NACE approved.

The CMPB-1, CMPB-2 and test devices are covered by a standard one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty.

Notes & Safety Warnings

  • No more than the maximum number of cell phones for the specific unit should be placed in the Cell Phone Mobile Protection Box. For the CMPB-1 the maximum is 4 cell phones, and for the CMPB-2 the maximum number is 10 cellphones. Using more that the maximum number of handsets for the specific CMPB causes degraded protection.
  • The full protection of the cell phones in the CMPB unit(s) is possible when the CMPB is switched on and the lid is closed.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth should be disabled on all cell phones before placing in the CMPB unit. It is important that Apple iPhone users do this via ‘Settings’ and not ‘Control Panel’.
  • USB phone charging sockets inside the box provide charging power only when the DC power supply is connected. The box can be used while it is being charged.
  • Do not connect other DC power supplies other than an official CMPB power supply provided with the equipment, or damage may result.
  • The CMPB-2 unit has an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery for short-use portable operation.
  • Connect the DC power supply for six (6) hours, or overnight, to fully charge depleted batteries.
  • An audible buzzer will sound to alert users the blocking capability has stopped due to loss of power and/or discharged battery. To rectify, connect to mains power; buzzer sounding should cease.
  • There are no user serviceable parts inside the unit. For servicing & repair – contact ComSec LLC for more information.
  • The equipment is designed for indoor use only.
  • At end of life (EOL) the device should be disposed of responsibly.