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ComSec LLC is a leading seller of professional  TSCM Equipment to Government, Military, Law Enforcement, TSCM Professionals, Private Investigators & Corporations. Our electronic eavesdropping detection equipment offerings meet the needs of skilled technical operators to those new to the profession. From handheld TSCM tools to covert field ready SIGINT kits, our counter surveillance products are among the best available to TSCM practitioners and SIGINT operators.

We believe in the quality, reliability and effectiveness of the TSCM Equipment we sell. In fact, we will only offer electronic eavesdropping detection products that our TSCM/Cyber TSCM Specialists have thoroughly evaluated in the field, determined to be technologically advanced and are approved for use for our TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services.

Professional TSCM Equipment Offerings

Kestrel TSCM Professional Software Products

  1. Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  2. Application: Mobile SIGINT / RF Spectrum Analysis
  • Kestrel TSCM Professional Software

Kestrel TSCM Pro Software RF Spectrum Analysis SoftwareKestrel TSCM Professional Software is an award winning, industry leading RF spectrum analysis software. Kestrel software leverages advanced software defined radio (SDR) concepts to deliver standalone RF spectrum surveillance, monitoring, collection and analysis functionality.  REQUEST QUOTE


Field Ready Mobile SIGINT Solutions

KSRFL & KSRFL-2 Kestrel Mobile SIGINT Backpack Kits RF Spectrum AnalyzerComSec Kestrel Surface RF Locator Kits are a mobile, field ready RF signal intelligence system provided in a backpack. Kits feature the Kestrel TSCM Pro Software, Signal Hound software defined radio (SDR),  Microsoft Surface Book 3, antenna, and all of the components necessary to perform RF signal analysis in the field. The system is fully preconfigured and ready to use. (KSFRL: 6 GHz Spectrum Analyzer, KSRFL-2: 20 GHz Spectrum Analyzer).  REQUEST QUOTE


Predator RF Hunter Logo RedComSec’s Predator RF Hunter 20 GHz Kit is a mobile, field ready SIGINT 20 GHz RF spectrum analysis solution in a rolling Pelican Air case. The Predator RF Hunter features the Kestrel TSCM Professional Software, Signal Hound 20 GHZ spectrum analyzer (SDR), antenna, and all of the components needed to perform signal analysis in the field. The system is fully preconfigured and ready to use.



QCC Sentinel

  1. Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  2. Detection and location of: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz – 5 GHz devices and access points, Wi-Fi devices and wireless access points and Bluetooth 4.0 devices.

QCC Sentinel TSCM Equipment Wifi Bluetooth Detection


The QCC Sentinel is designed to identify access points and devices via MAC address, signal strength, activity level (uplink & downlink), probes and location. The unit has full direction-finding capabilities, enabling the operator to walk to and locate any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth device.

The internal broadband Bluetooth radio in the Sentinel covers all Bluetooth protocols and can detected locate an identity connect and unconnected Bluetooth devices. The Sentinel is ideal for conducting a TSCM inspection, a cyber TSCM inspection or a cyber security audit.

Additional optional cellular modules available for authorized Government, Military & Law Enforcement.



JJN Digital Electronic Eavesdropping Detection Equipment

  1. Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  2. Application: Handheld Electronic Eavesdropping Detection


Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer HSA-Q1

JJN Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer HSA-Q1 TSCm EquipmentHandheld RF Spectrum Analyzer Sweeps 0 to 13.4 GHz in Just 0.5 Seconds to Ensure Detection of all Types of RF Signals Including Modern Pulsed Burst Signals.

  • Spectrogram Waterfall Function for detected signal analysis
  • Tune & Listen demodulation function – AM/WFM/NFM
  • Data Logging to USB Stick with Time & Date stamp
  • Background Memory Function to compare previous sweeps


EDD-24T Non Linear Junction Detector (NLJD)

EDD-24T NLJD Non Linear Junction Detector Counter Surveillance Products

Detects All Types of Active, Passive or Switched Off Electronics, Including Mobile Phones, Tracking Devices, Listening Devices, Covert Cameras, Digital Voice Recorders, SIM Cards, NANO SIM cards from up to 7.87 In. and More.

  • Detected material Indicator ‘Silicon’ or ‘Metal’
  • 2nd Harmonic (4.8 GHz) and 3rd Harmonic (7.2 GHz) Receivers
  • Audible Tone and Demodulation Function through speaker or earphones


CAM-GX5 Cellular Activity Monitor

Cellular Activity Monitor CAM-GX5 Electronic Eavesdropping Detection Equipment

Handheld multi-band cellular signal detector, cell phone detector and GPS tracker detector in one. Detects 2G 3G 4G & 5G devices, and WiFi & Bluetooth devices. The unit detects and locates transmissions from cellular mobile phone based devices including cell phones, smartphones, GPS trackers, Wi-Fi Hotspots, GSM listening devices (bugs) and covert wireless 3G / 4G / 5G cameras. Ideal for professional TSCM applications as a cell phone detector and GPS tracker detector. And, the CAMGX5 now has worldwide multi-band coverage.

  • Audible beep and silent vibrate modes
  • Record the Time/Date, Duration, Band detected and Signal strength
  • Viewing stored cellular events as a list or graphically


WAM-108t Multiband Wireless Activity Monitor

WAM 108t Multiband Wireless Activity Monitor Counter Surveillance ProductA high specification handheld multiband detector used for the detection and logging of all types of radio frequency devices. This portable, handheld unit detects all types of RF devices, including: Audio and Video Bugs, Mobile Phones, Smartphones, GPS Trackers, SMS (Texts), GSM Bugs, 3G/4G Video, Bluetooth & Wifi Devices, Burst and ‘Store & Forward’ devices.

Separate RF detectors operating simultaneously to give complete RF coverage:
1 x 0-14 GHz Wideband Detector, 5 x Cellular 2G /3G / 4G Detectors and 2 x Wifi /Bluetooth 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz Detectors

Wideband RF Detector Pro-SL8

PRO-SL8 Wideband RF Detector TSCM EquipmentDesigned to detect and locate signals from the very latest covert listening, tracking, cellular, and video devices. Unrivaled sensitivity for its size and can also display detected frequencies up to 6 GHz.

  • Ultra Sensitive – Detects signals from up to 32.8 feet
  • Digital ‘Burst’ Signal Detect for GPS Trackers etc
  • Detects both Digital & Analogue signals
  • OLED Display for ultimate clarity in all lighting conditions
  • Audio Demodulation – Listen to detected signals through earphones
  • Signal Strength ‘Beep’ and Silent Vibrate Mode


The Operator TSCM Sweep Kit

The Operator Kit TSCM EquipmentComSec LLC’s The Operator TSCM Sweep Kit is a Professional TSCM Sweep Kit provided in a single rolling hard case. With this full suite of TSCM equipment, the Technical Operator can detect live transmissions, as well as dormant eavesdropping devices and compromises. The Operator Kit is a cost effective solution that also makes transport of the TSCM equipment efficient and convenient.  REQUEST QUOTE



More TSCM Equipment and Counter Surveillance Products coming soon!

About Us:

  • We are a sole source provider of the Kestrel TSCM Professional Software in North America.
  • We are a COTS, sole source provider of the Kestrel TSCM Pro Software, the Kestrel Surface RF Locator Kits (KSRFL & KSRFL-2), and the Predator RF Hunter.
  • We are COTS provider of JJN Digital Products in North America.

Call ComSec LLC at 800-615-0392 or complete a product request form for more information or a quote.

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