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ComSec LLC provides home bug sweep services for homes of all sizes, from estates to executive apartments. Among our clients are high net worth individuals, celebrities, politicians, dignitaries, high profile targets and executives. We offer services for 30,000+ sq. ft. estates to executive apartments. Our services include your home, cellphones, computers and cars. We also include a check of your router and wi-fi network security. Our home bug sweeps are designed to restore your privacy at home and the privacy of communications on your personal devices.

Service packages are customized based on service area size, and the scope of services. We also offer the all inclusive service options (see below).

So, contact ComSec via our secure contact form or call us today at  1-800-615-0392 for a quote for services!


About Our Services

Our highly skilled bug sweep specialists use the most advanced TSCM equipment available. In fact, our equipment and expertise set us apart from other service providers.

We detect traditional eavesdropping devices. And, we also detect eavesdropping devices that use bluetooth, wi-fi or the cellular network to forward your sensitive information to an eavesdropper. As well, we address vulnerabilities with bluetooth, wi-fi and cellular networks that can be exploited for eavesdropping purposes. ComSec LLC’s home bug sweeps include both traditional TSCM and Cyber TSCM.  So, our services are comprehensive. Our home bug sweeps address the complex eavesdropping detection threat and vulnerabilities landscape of our “connected” world.

Our residential bug sweep services begin with a technical threat assessment. Then, we perform a physical search. And, next a scientific signal analysis using a variety of laboratory grade instrumentation. Eavesdropping devices are then located. As well, identified eavesdropping vulnerabilities are addressed, and recommendations are shared with the client. Finally, we provide a PDF report detailing the services performed, our findings, and our recommendations to help protect your privacy going forward. ComSec LLC’s professional residential bug sweep services help to restore your privacy and help you maintain privacy.

ComSec LLC’s is a top rated bug sweep provider. Read client testimonials to learn more about the level of service excellence we provide.


Our Experts Detect

  • Elicit audio or optical bugging devices.
  • GSM, 3g & 4g cellular eavesdropping devices.
  • Wireless bugs.
  • Wire & mic taps and telephone taps.
  • Carrier current bugs.
  • Micro wireless video devices.
  • Laser or infrared eavesdropping devices.
  • GPS trackers on vehicles.
  • Cell phone spyware / malware


In other words, we detect very simple to very complex bugging devices. We’re equipped and skilled at detecting a full range of bugging devices from the  inexpensive, low tech bugs to the very modern, complex bugging devices.

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Know The Adversary

Who Are The Eavesdroppers?

The truth is eavesdroppers come from many walks of life. For example, an eavesdropper may be a current partner, former spouse or romantic interest. Also, foreign nationals and foreign governments may target an executive residence for corporate information. A reporter, kidnapper or extortionist may target a hi profile individual. And, unfortunately, a private investigator or neighbor may also have your home under surveillance. In fact, eavesdroppers may be anyone motivated by legal issues, money, emotions, fame, etc. If you value your information, you need ComSec home bug sweeps!

What Are Eavesdroppers After?

Tabloids, news reporters or profiteers may collect against politicians, celebrities and hi profile individuals. And, eavesdroppers also target executive residences and corporate apartments. In short, it’s because private and damaging information may be freely discussed there. Also, eavesdroppers gain valuable clues by accessing travel information, your daily routine, school schedules and social appointments. Eavesdroppers are after your valuable personal information! This is why professional home bug sweeps are important.

Can You Perform Your Own Bug Sweep?

In general, it is very hard for untrained people to locate listening devices. Why? Because, bugs can be tiny devices. And, an eavesdropper may hide the device well. Unfortunately, the bug may be disguised and hidden in plain sight too. Surely, an eavesdropper can hide a bug in an item you do not suspect. For instance, bugging devices may be hidden in furniture, wall clocks, pens, calculators or other items. Your electronic devices and technology services may also be compromised. Often, bug detectors that are sold to the public hit on any type of electronic device. How will you be able to tell if your bug detector found an actual listening device? Our skilled specialists can tell you!