Why Choose Comsec?

IMG_2504-e1377816283328A Premier World Class TSCM Service Provider

Maybe you’ve already decided to invest in TSCM services because you know that failing to implement preventive security protocols makes you a potential victim of corporate or personal espionage. But have you decided which technical surveillance countermeasures specialist to trust?

Our outstanding team members have over three decades of field experience and ComSec LLC is one of the most highly regarded premier TSCM firms in the industry.

A Comprehensive Service

Our service includes visual, electronic and physical examinations designed to detect unauthorized audio and optical devices (technical surveillance devices), technical surveillance hazards and deficiencies. Our advanced TSCM services will detect the very latest remote cellular GSM, 3G & 4G eavesdropping attacks. As well as wireless transmitters (bugs), wire and mic taps, telephone compromise taps, carrier current bugs, micro wireless video devices, laser, infrared eavesdropping devices and more.

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The Most Advanced Technology

We use laboratory quality TSCM equipment for each TSCM Survey / Bug Sweep. ComSec has identified and uses cutting edge TSCM instrumentation. We know the technology is the best because we had much of it custom built specifically for our use. Click here to view our advanced Eavesdropping Detection Equipment.

Your IT department is not equipped nor do they have the unique skill sets necessary to perform an expert Counterintelligence TSCM or Cyber TSCM survey. We review our client’s security posture and provide recommendations to reduce the operational risk and help establish preventive security measures that protect their brand and increase profits. Click Here to learn more about “The ComSec Advantage“.

Corporate Clients Choose Among a Set of Specially Designed Services

For our C-Suite corporate clients, our CEO Option, Executive Option and Essential Option service plans make it easier for you to decide on the most appropriate set of actions for your TSCM needs. Click here for pdf.

Our TSCM Services Are Ideal for Individuals, Too

Celebrities, high net worth individuals, and those involved in a lawsuits (divorce, child custody disputes, bankruptcy, etc.) face a greater risk. Click HERE for our Executive Residential TSCM Service Options.

Restore Your Sense of Security

Exposures diminish your sense of security in the places you feel most secure.

Do Not Overlook Your Every Day Items

Even your cell phone can be used in an illegal eavesdropping attack. If you’re like most of us, your cell phone is rarely more than six feet away from you at any given time. Be aware that cellular spyware can now secretly activate the microphone of your cell phone and actually overhear everything that occurs within 15 feet of your phone.

Now that you know why you need to invest in TSCM and why ComSec is one of the most reputable eavesdropping specialists in the industry, don’t you think it’s time to call?

Call us @ +1-800-615-0392 or use our secure contact form.

* Thermal Image of a hidden Technical Surveillance Threat above the ceiling in the CFO’s office of a Fortune 500 Company.

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