Why Choose ComSec LLC?

ComSec LLC is a world-class professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, TSCM and Cyber TSCM company serving clients in the US, as well as globally.  We provide TSCM services to businesses, non-profits, government, military, dignitaries, politicians, executives and high profile clients. We have been providing TSCM services in the USA, and worldwide, since 2007. ComSec LLC is a licensed, insured and certified TSCM provider.

Our company utilizes detection methodologies and equipment that have been proven superior at identifying eavesdropping devices and exposing surveillance tactics. You can be certain ComSec LLC is equipped and ready to perform a world-class TSCM/Cyber TSCM service.

A Comprehensive Service

We begin our TSCM services with a technical threat assessment. Then, we perform thorough visual, electronic and physical examinations. Our services include detection of traditional eavesdropping devices (TSCM), Cyber TSCM and detection of hybrid technical surveillance threats.

Once the visual, electronic and physical analysis is complete, we share our findings with you, the client. Then, we locate eavesdropping devices on premise. We also communicate eavesdropping vulnerabilities we detect to you. Thereafter, we make recommendations to correct the issues identified. Finally, we provide a comprehensive electronic report of the testing performed, our findings, our recommendations and information to help you protect privacy going forward. ComSec LLC’s TSCM services are top rated by our clients.

The Most Advanced Technology

Performing a thorough TSCM / Cyber TSCM Survey requires a variety of equipment. And, the specialist must have the training to properly use the equipment.  Since eavesdropping threats and vulnerabilities rapidly change, ComSec LLC continually assesses and updates our equipment and methodologies.

ComSec LLC uses laboratory quality TSCM equipment for each TSCM Survey / Bug Sweep. ComSec has identified and uses cutting edge TSCM instrumentation. Click here to view our advanced Eavesdropping Detection Equipment.

Our services are designed to detect unauthorized audio and optical devices, technical surveillance hazards and electronic eavesdropping vulnerabilities. We also detect the very latest remote cellular GSM, 3G & 4G eavesdropping attacks. As well, we also detect wireless transmitters (bugs), wire and mic taps, telephone compromise taps, carrier current bugs, micro wireless video devices, laser, infrared eavesdropping devices, IMSI catchers and more.

TSCM Services

Customized Corporate TSCM Services To Meet Your Needs

ComSec LLC’s corporate TSCM services clients include Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses. Our business TSCM services provide a comprehensive solution to reduce your risk of exposure.

We offer corporate TSCM services for 200,000+ sq. ft. facilities to C-Suite office wings. More importantly, TSCM service packages are customized based on service area size, and the scope of services. As well, we offer all-inclusive business TSCM service options. Click here to learn more about our Corporate TSCM Service Options. Services can be provided overtly or covertly, at the client’s request.

We also provide contracted proactive TSCM services (The Assurance Option), Pre-Conference Sweeps, In-conference Monitoring, Aircraft Sweeps and Executive Residence TSCM Services.

TSCM Services

Our TSCM Services Are Ideal for Individuals, Too

ComSec LLC provides residential TSCM services for homes of all sizes, from estates to executive apartments. Among our clients are high net worth individuals, celebrities, politicians, dignitaries, high profile targets and executives.

We offer services for 30,000+ sq. ft. estates to executive apartments. Service packages are customized based on service area size, and the scope of services. We also offer all inclusive residential TSCM service options. Click here to learn more about our Residential TSCM Service Options.


Restore Your Privacy

Violations of privacy via electronic eavesdropping leave you exposed and vulnerable. From insider threats to international espionage, corporate exposures can be costly and damaging. As well, an eavesdropper with access to your home can hear your private conversations, watch video, etc.

ComSec LLC identifies electronic eavesdropping threats and vulnerabilities, helps you stop the exposures, and arms you with information to help protect your privacy going forward.

Potential Eavesdropping Threats Are Everywhere

Eavesdropping devices can be very complex or very simple, very expensive or very inexpensive. The devices can be hidden in everyday items, such as a fiber optic cable, a mouse, a keyboard, a smoke alarm, a phone charger, etc. An eavesdropper can also use bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cellular devices to steal your information. Or, they can exploit vulnerabilities in bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cellular network to capture your information. Even spyware or malware on your cell phone can be used in an illegal eavesdropping attack.


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