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The Facts

Each year, Americans spend hundreds of millions of dollars on bugging devices. And, devices NOT intended for spying are also used for electronic eavesdropping (e.g. cellphones, Airpods, Air Tags, etc.) Now, bugging devices are smaller, less expensive and easier to use than ever. As well, cyber eavesdropping devices and hybrid spying devices also make spying less risky for the spy. By using a network (e.g. wi-fi, bluetooth, cellular), the eavesdropper can get information from bugging devices by email, text message, in real time, etc. And, they don’t have to re enter the target’s space to get the info. Most unfortunately, a target that lacks technical savvy is more vulnerable than ever. ComSec LLC’s professional bug sweep help to regain control of privacy and restore peace of mind.


Why Choose ComSec LLC Bug Sweeps

ComSec LLC Bug Sweeps

First, our bug sweep specialists are skilled and experienced. Second, they use the most advanced bugging device detection equipment available. Third, services include Cyber TSCM threats. Fourth, we constantly study the changes in spying devices and technologies. Fifith, we use proprietary processes and methodologies that give our clients a technological advantage.  Ultimately, these key service attributes result in a service level that made us a leader in the industry.

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Included With Our Bug Sweep Services

  • Technical threat assessment.
  • Physical exam and the TSCM / Cyber TSCM survey.
  • Detecting and locating bugging devices.
  • Giving you any accessible information from the recovered bugging device(s).
  • Identifying your eavesdropping vulnerabilities.
  • A verbal debrief on site the day of the survey.
  • An electronic service report.
  • Information and/or guides to help protect privacy going forward.


Our Clients

Government, corporations, non-profits, executives and high net worth individuals trust our services. As well, you can read our client testimonials.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does eavesdropping require expensive bugging devices?

No. Bugging devices have evolved. They are now small, and most are very easy to use.

Do listening devices cost thousands of dollars?

No. Bugging devices may cost as little as $5. And, devices we use everyday that are not built for electronic eavesdropping can be used as bugging devices too.

Who are likely targets?

Government, government contractors, critical infrastructure, technology companies, media, think tanks, non-profits, political organizations, executives, politicians, etc.

What types of info is an eavesdropper looking for?

Valuable information, proprietary or sensitive information, competitive information, damaging information, etc.

Why do I need a professional bug sweep?

A professional sweeper has the equipment, training and experience to detect and locate the threats.