Questions to consider before you select a TSCM service provider:

Why Should We Hire COMSEC?

When you engage our services, you are hiring experts. We are competent, well-trained counterintelligence experts who use the most advanced and effective threat detection equipment. We are aware of the current and emerging threats and ensure that we maintain capabilities to detect these threats.

We are fully prepared and fully capable of handling all known threat levels, as well as the continuous technological advancements with regards to covert Technical Surveillance Devices (TSD), Technical Security Hazards (TSH), espionage methods, techniques, compromises and the more common non-electronic methods of compromise.

Your service is provided by an expert, not a technician or part-time service provider.  “You are hiring “Global Counterespionage Specialists” with a proven track record and real world-wide Counterespionage / Counterintelligence and Cyber Technical Surveillance Counter Measures experience.

ComSec’s teams have conducted successful CYBER TSCM operations and Counterespionage Advisory services throughout the United States and across the Globe. A ComSec service team and can usually be on-site within 24-72 hours. Contact us today.

Where Does ComSec LLC Provide Services?

ComSec LLC’s provide TSCM / Cyber TSCM services throughout the USA and globally. Our corporate headquarters is located in Virginia Beach, VA. We also have field offices throughout the USA. These field offices are located in Washington DC, New York City, Dallas Texas and Los Angeles California and are used for local staging purposes.

TSCM is a specialized area of practice. So, you will not find a qualified TSCM service company in every city, or in ever metropolitan area. When hiring a TSCM service provider, the geographical location of the provider is not the most important consideration. In fact, sometimes choosing a local provider can be detrimental. Local influence may present a conflict of interest or a conflict of loyalty among regional colleagues or agencies. By choosing a provider outside your local area, you can help to avoid such conflicts.

Clients who choose ComSec LLC, do so based on our expertise, the level of service we provide, and our dedication to excellence. When choosing a provider, what is most important? If it is the location of the provider, you should ask yourself am I choosing the best provider for my needs?

Where is ComSec LLC Located?

ComSec LLCTSCM is a specialized area of practice. So, you will not find a qualified TSCM service company in every city, or in ever metropolitan area. And, since TSCM /Cyber TSCM requires the TSCM practitioner to be on site to perform the services, travel to the client location is necessary.

Some TSCM companies attempt to present the appearance that they have offices in all major metropolitan areas. However, these same TSCM companies may operate from a home office and/or use a virtual office as their corporate business address.  As mentioned above, ComSec LLC’s field offices are located in Washington DC, New York City, Dallas Texas and Los Angeles California and are used for local staging purposes. But, we travel to locations throughout the USA and globally.

ComSec LLC’s Virginia Beach, VA corporate headquarters is located in a commercial office building and is physically staffed by ComSec LLC’s team. Clients who choose ComSec LLC, do so based on our expertise, the level of service we provide, and our dedication to excellence.

Why Does ComSec LLC Also Sell TSCM Equipment?

ComSec LLC has been a provider of TSCM / Cyber TSCM Services since 2007. Due to ComSec LLC’s pursuit of excellence and its expertise in the detection of electronic eavesdropping threats and exploits, ComSec LLC was approached by government personnel about providing TSCM equipment. This launched ComSec LLC into the field of TSCM equipment development, kitting and supply for government, military, TSCM practitioners and corporations.

Some TSCM companies imply that because they only provide TSCM services, they provide a higher level of service. In contrast, ComSec LLC’s expertise in providing services with the most advanced, effective TSCM equipment is the very reason we were approached to supply TSCM equipment. Our dedication to excellence is the driving force behind our entrance into the TSCM equipment market. And, as a result, our clients benefit because our company focuses on technological excellence. The TSCM equipment solutions we selected to supply, are the same technologies that we use in commission of our services. We believe in the products we represent and in the TSCM equipment we use for our TSCM services.

Who is a likely target for electronic eavesdropping?

While any business, organization or individual, can be a targeted, there are certain targets eavesdroppers prefer. Industries, such as critical infrastructure, healthcare, energy, utilities, agriculture, chemical and green technologies, are prime targets of electronic eavesdropping. Also, individuals who serve in a leadership or technical capacity in these industries, celebrities, politicians and high profile individuals are also likely targets of electronic eavesdropping. Any company, organization or individual with access to valuable or potentially damaging information could be a target of interest to an eavesdropper. Watch the below videos to learn more.

Are there events or activities when eavesdroppers prefer to collect information?

Eavesdroppers collect information that has value. The value can be monetary value, or it may be have national, political, personal or other value to the eavesdropper. The following are examples of events or activities that may be a particular interest to an eavesdropper:

  • Your company or organization is American-owned and operating in a foreign country.
  • The collection of Near Field Communications (NFC). The umbrella term for  wireless communications.
  • Business leadership, ownership and/or organizational structure changes are being discussed.
  • The business is about to be sold or a merger is underway.
  • Contract negotiations with major clients, unions or other labor organizations are in process.
  • A board of directors or stockholders meeting is about to occur.
  • The business, organization or individual is the subject of news media attention and/or a lawsuit.
  • New products or technologies are about to be patented or enter the market.
  • Marketing campaigns and/or sales strategies are being discussed.
  • Major changes in the number of employees or contractors are about to be made (expansions, layoffs, etc.).
  • A political campaign is about to be launched or a key election is about to occur.
  • A separation, divorce, child custody or other personal matter with important consequences is imminent.
  • Any event or activity is about to occur where valuable information is about to be discussed or exchange.

What are the typical warning signs that you are a target of electronic eavesdropping?

Can you answer yes to one or more of these questions? If your answer is yes, then you may be a target of electronic eavesdropping:

  • Your private conversations have been repeated to you
  • Your competitors have access to otherwise properly guarded proprietary or confidential information
  • You have access to information that can be damaging or profitable to someone
  • Your competitors always seem to be one step ahead of you
  • You have been underbid on important contracts that you should have been a low price bidder
  • You are losing business to competitors who do not offer a better service, technology or experience

What are common eavesdropping methods used to collect against targets?

Eavesdroppers have many choices of eavesdropping devices and methods to collect against targets. Modern technology has expanded both the range of collection of the devices and the length of time that a device has sufficient power to collect the information without the need to replace the power source. Devices can also push collected information over Wi-Fi networks, so retrieval of the eavesdropping device from the point of information collection is not necessary.

Eavesdropping devices range from inexpensive spy bugs that can be purchased on eBay for less than $20, to cellphone malware/spyware, to GPS trackers, to sophisticated methods used to capture data and boost it out over the cellular network. Typically, eavesdroppers will use several different types of collection devices to ensure they capture the needed information should a device be identified, be improperly positioned to gather the desired information or the power source fail. Skilled eavesdroppers may confuse the target by making on or two of the eavesdropping devices easy to locate, with the hope that the target will find one of these devices and stop searching for additional devices.
Watch this video

What does the term Cyber TSCM mean?

Cyber TSCM encompasses both traditional TSCM methods and cyber elements, such as those related to modern electronic devices (e.g. cellular phones, computers, etc.) and the software, malware and other threats posed by devices that operate within or interface with cyberspace. COMSEC was the first privately owned counterespionage company to be published and identify the need for “CYBER TSCM” as a more accurate depiction of the best level of service to address todays emerging cyber and hybrid technical surveillance threats.
Learn more about Cyber TSCM here.

What types of eavesdropping devices does your TSCM / Cyber TSCM Survey Detect?

Below is a partial list of technical surveillance threats that ComSec LLC’s TSCM/Cyber TSCM surveys are designed to identify.

  • Active (transmitting) and passive (devices that are turned off, or remote activated), bugging devices that transmit audio or video.
  • Laser and infrared eavesdropping devices
  • Wire and microphone taps
  • Wiretaps: Telephone & Telephone Line Analysis
  • Hidden Video cameras
  • Hidden cellular devices, GSM Bugs.
  • Carrier current devices
  • Router and Wi-Fi network issues
  • Mobile device malware / spyware
  • GPS tracking devices on vehicles
  • Acoustic compromises, etc, etc.

How Much Does a Cyber TSCM Survey Cost?

Cyber TSCM surveys are not inexpensive, but their value can be enormous. The most important question you can ask yourself is “what is the value of the information, IP or privacy” that you are aiming to protect? Then, it’s important to consider the technical savvy of suspected eavesdropper, the potential eavesdropping exposures and your budget. The more information you can share with COMSEC during your initial phone consultation, the better able we are to recommend a level of service that is appropriate for your particular situation. (Please see our “Hire ComSec, The Process” page for guidance before contacting us).

Cyber TSCM Service Options are usually dependent upon the square footage of the area, the number of offices/rooms to be serviced, and the number of phones/lines, computers, audio/video equipment, mobile devices, etc. to be included with the survey.

Learn more about our TSCM / Cyber TSCM Service Options here:

Our Corporate Cyber TSCM Services Options page can be viewed here.

Our Residential Cyber TSCM Service Options can be viewed here.

How Long Does a Cyber TSCM Survey Take to Complete?

A Cyber TSCM Survey can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to complete. The length of time is largely dependent on the size of the area to be serviced, number of phones/lines, etc., timely access to the areas to be surveyed, etc. Typically, most small TSCM / Cyber TSCM surveys can be completed in one day.

What wonderful service, and such peace of mind. I truly appreciate it.

Hired ComSec for Residential TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

Jill, VA, Residential Client
ComSec's Team are "Best-in-Class" and will deliver top-quality performance & customer-service...In my opinion, especially when it come to counter-espionage services you can lean-on & trust, ComSec has no peers.

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

Joseph S., President, Corporate Client
I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have done business with you. Your services are worth every penny. The peace of mind is immeasurable!

Hired ComSec for Residential TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

PAUL J., AZ, Residential Client
It was a pleasure to meet and work with Frank. We'll definitely use ComSec again should we need additional services.

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

Pam, CA, Corporate Client
Thank you all again for your assistance in this matter. It has been a pleasure working with Frank, John G. and you.

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

Paul, FL, Corporate Client
This company is the real deal. I had a situation where it was questionable if I was being bugged. I was referred to JD and his company. In speaking with JD over the phone for the initial discussion he was clear, direct, and professional. The end result was my concerns were alleviated and I could not be happier.

Hired ComSec for Residential TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

MS, MA, Residential Client
We're so glad we hired ComSec. Thanks for hunting down the issue and helping correct the problems.

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

Steve, OH, Corporate Client
Thank so much for the help! The peace of mind is so valuable.

Hired ComSec for Residential TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

Mark, CO, Home Owner
Everyone we dealt with at ComSec was knowledge and helpful. We definitely hired the right company.

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

A.Z., NYC, Corporate Client
I appreciate J.D’s help with ensuring the security of my home and belongings. It was great being informed of potential security risks and discussing the electronic threats that we face today. Thanks again!

Hired ComSec for Residential TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

Paul, WV, Residential Client
J.D., your technical expertise and equipment are very impressive. I'm very confident in your services and appreciate the attention I was given and all of the help.

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

Adrien, CA, Tech Executive
Your team was responsive to our needs on such short notice. We will definitely recommend ComSec to colleagues in need.

Hired ComSec for Pre-Meeting TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

Paul, Washington DC, Government Contractor
J.D.'s expertise and knowledge set him apart in the industry. We would not trust anyone else with performing TSCM/Cyber TSCM services of our aircraft!

Hired ComSec for Aircraft TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

Howard, TX, Corporate Client
You did such a great job the last time, I'll be using your services for all of my clients.

Hired ComSec for Cellphone Forensics Services

Dave, TX, Corporate Client
ComSec has been performing pre-meeting sweep services and in-conference monitoring for our corporate events for several years. We could not be more pleased with J.D.'s expertise, the level of services provided and the overall responsiveness of the ComSec team. Great Job!

Hired ComSec for Meeting TSCM / Cyber TSCM Services

Paula, MD, Corporate Client
The level of service and the technical knowledge of your team far exceeded our expectations. We will definitely be contacting ComSec for services in the future.

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

Ted, NYC, Corporate Client
I am deeply thankful for the peace of mind your service has provided me with.

Hired ComSec for Residential TSCM / Cyber TSCM Services

Paula, WA, Residential Client
Thanks a million to you and Lisa for taking on this job on such short notice. Trust me, you have secured a spot on our very short list of companies to call when we find ourselves in need of such services. Thanks again for the swift response to our very urgent call for assistance.

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

Corporate Client, Fortune 500 Company
Thank you very much for the quick turnaround. Frank did a great job and was very professional. We appreciate your help in giving us peace of mind with our concerns. The whole process working with you all was very efficient, professional and organized. We will definitely call you in the future if we need additional services. Thanks again!

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

PW, MD, Corporate Client
J.D. & Brent were great to work with! We will definitely use your services again.

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

A.R., Corporate Client, District of Columbia
I was very satisfied with the service provided, your availability, your responsiveness and the overall experience. I will definitely recommend your company to friends and colleagues.

Hired ComSec for Residential TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

KH, MD, Residential Client
Very much appreciate your help in moving this logistically so quickly! We will definitely recommend you all to our friends and partners.

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM / Cyber TSCM Services

Michael, Washington DC, Corporate Client
What an amazing company and individual who really cares and wants to help his customers i thank you JD!

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

Corporate Client, CA
I was assured that I was getting an inspection of quality and expertise, thanks to J.D’s explanation of his equipment and the services provided.

Hired ComSec for Residential TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

Pam, IL, Residential Client
Thanks for sending the reports through JD. We appreciate the expert tscm services you and your team provided. V/r, SJ

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

SJ, Washington DC, Corporate Client
Good morning J.D., I have successfully retrieved the report and downloaded the contents of the folder. I want you to know that you have put my mind at easy and given me the freedom to carry on with my daily activities minus the worry, stress, and fear. I greatly appreciate your integrity! Good luck on all of your future endeavors! Warmest Regards, R.A.

Hired ComSec for Residential TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

RA, TX, Residential Client
I came across J.D. when I was managing a large-scale cyber incident response for a F500 company, who had had their computer networks breached by Chinese nationals. The investigation led us throughout the world, with on-site inspections in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Mumbai, Mangalore and several locations in the United States. J.D. proved himself a consummate professional during that response, doing what he said, when he said he would do it, on or before deadline, at cost, as promised. I have subsequently engaged J.D. in a personal protection detail to clean a residence of a high-profile individual who was the subject of death threats and who was feeling vulnerable. J.D.’s work ensured the person was assured of their privacy and attained a peace of mind they had not felt in some time. Again, as promised, on time, on budget. I recommend J.D. wholeheartedly and without reservation for TSCM work.

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

NS, TX, Corporate Client
J.D. Leasure’s performance in the field of TSCM/Cyber TSCM is outstanding in every respect. I’ve interacted with and worked around J.D. Leasure for a number of years, during that time I’ve know his work to be of the highest quality and integrity. His experience in the field of Technical Countermeasures is extensive (i.e., just read his BIO) and consistently exceeds the expectations of the clients I have forwarded to him. J.D. is smart, methodical in his approach and he runs a lean company so if you are interested in protecting your intellectual property or have a need for his services give Mr. Leasure and his team at ComSec a call.

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

MG, VA, Corporate Client
J. D., I just wanted you to know that I truly trust your expertise and feel honored that you took my assignment. Your professionalism and ability to get to the bottom of the situation quickly exceeded my expectations. Your thorough sweep and suggestions were a vital part of my peace, and for that, I am most grateful. Thanks again
Best regards, JC

Hired ComSec for Residential TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

JC, AZ, Residential Client
Really enjoyed meeting the team and I think everything worked out great for my company’s needs.

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

AH, VA, Corporate Client
J.D. and Johnny are Awesome! They are both knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to work with! Thank you and Johnny for all of your hard work! It was definitely a pleasure!

Hired ComSec for Multiple Corporate TSCM/ Cyber TSCM Services

ARS – San Antonio, TX
ComSec is responsive, thorough, and knowledgeable.

Hired ComSec for Residential TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

You and your team did a fantastic job JD! Keep up the good work!

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

M.D.S., MI, Corporate Client

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

M.K.L., New York, NY, Fortune 500 Client
I feel that the service that was provided was excellent. When dealing with a situation that includes potential privacy breech, you need someone that firstly, knows what they are doing and secondly that listens and responds to each concern. I feel that both objectives were met with ComSec. Thank you for the help.

Hired ComSec for Residential TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

“Heather”, Residential Client
The response and attitude of your team was outstanding. Will definitely use ComSec again!

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM / Cyber TSCM Services

“William”, Fortune 500 Corporation
Working with JD was a great experience. He was very knowledgeable, courteous and timely. A++!

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

“Barret”, Fortune 500 Corporation
J.D. is of highest moral aptitude, character and intelligence that I have had the pleasure to work with for some time. I hold J.D.’s opinions at the highest esteem and respect. From the vast knowledge that he possesses, I consider Mr.LeaSure’s counterespionage expertise an asset in any business, diplomatic, intelligence or security venture on the global scale invaluable.

Government of Israel

Jacob Goldberg
J.D.’s team responded to a highly critical situation within hours of the first contact. Upon arrival at the site – the project initiated immediately and resulted in an extremely satisfied client that subsequently requested J.D.’s team on followup engagements.

Hired ComSec for Multiple TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

Jarrett Kolthoff, President/CEO SpearTip, LLC
Mr. LeaSure's extraordinary field experience for the past several decades helps to ensure both an accurate and successful meeting. His vast knowledge and equipment makes him the best in his field. I am so excited to describe my experience with ComSec and assure all of you what great success I had hiring him. The best decision I have made. Don’t leave any doubt if, you have suspicions BRAVO

President of Osprey Spill Control (OSC)

Mary Meyer
I first spoke with J.D. after discovering what appeared to be a battery operated electronic listening device hidden in my office. J.D. counseled me on the precautionary steps that I should immediately take while he worked to identify the device. Within an hour of emailing a photo to J.D., he responded with an exact identification of the device, including source information and additional go-forward advice.This instance turned out to be a harmless office prank that did not involve an actual listening device. The person responsible was identified and completely disclosed their intentions. It is reassuring to know that had this been a real threat to the security of confidential information, J.D. was there to identify and remove the threat. If you are looking for a true professional who takes your concerns seriously, I highly recommend contacting J.D. I surely will.

Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Perry Crumbaker
Director of Business Operations
Spillane Associates has had the pleasure of using the technical services of J.D. in the field of TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) for our high-profile client. Aside from the extremely high quality of work that was provided, J.D. worked around a challenging client schedule to accomplish the TSCM. Above all, J.D. made the client comfortable and secure while maintaining the level of service expected from Spillane Associates. I would not hesitate to use the proven services of J.D. LeaSure for any of our clients in the future.

Investigator at NJ Department of Banking & Insurance

Robert Spillane
There is no other way to describe J.D., other than he is the quintessential consummate professional. I use his firm frequently for my high profile clients

Hired ComSec for Multiple TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

Owner, Samuel Yount Investigations, Inc.
I have personally and professionally known JD for well over 20 years. JD has always presented himself in the most professional manner. Serving in Special Forces and requiring equipment of the highest standard has always been our benchmark of operation and settle for nothing less. JD consistently provided our unit with the highest grade, cutting edge technology products on the market. I strongly recommend anyone looking for the highest professional TSCM service, from some one who truly has the client’s best interest at hand. Understanding the needs of our current security corporate culture climate, where confidentially, timeliness, and accuracy is a must, anyone looking for these specific capabilities should speak with JD about his line of cutting edge TSCM services that are truly second to none. Brent Delorier CWO (R) US Army, Special Forces

  • Brent Delorier, CWO (R), US Army, Special Forces
  • Brent Delorier, Associate
  • Booz Allen Hamilton, Virginia
  • Testimonial, US Army, Special Forces

President/CEO at Jäger Group LLC

Brent Delorier
I have known J.D. for a number of years now. J.D’s expertise in the areas of TSCM, Counterespionage and espionage detection methods is, by far, the most detailed and professional that I have seen in the industry. His skills and professional services come with my highest recommendation!

Hired ComSec for Multiple TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

Kristopher Bleich, EnCE, C|EH
Director of Forensic Services, SpearTip LLC
J.D., so sorry for my late response. I did receive your report and have taken your recommendations to my IT manager for further action. Thank you for your professional service and your quick availability. Your work has allowed many of us to rest easier. Thank you for everything.
Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity

Hired ComSec for Residential TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

“Jenny” PA, USA
Thank you, J.D. I now know who to go to for future needs and who to recommend to my associates – yes, it’s you!
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Hired ComSec for TSCM / Cyber TSCM Services

“Robert”, Washington DC
JD, Thanks for the detailed report, and for the thorough service. I would use your service again, and would certainly recommend you to others.

Hired ComSec for Residential TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

“Todd”, Knoxville, KY
J.D. Your team did an excellent job at our facility. Truly an exceptional team and service! V/r

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

“J.R.” D.C., Corporate Client
Great team of experts who are proficient and knowledgeable in this business. It was a pleasure working with ComSec LLC!

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

“S.S.”, MD, Corporate Client
We are very satisfied, and happy with the personalized service and availability of ComSec to suit our customized needs.

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

“Fortune 100 Corporation”
Your organization is one of the most professional and knowledgeable in the industry, that we have had the pleasure to work with...

Hired ComSec for Multiple TSCM/Cyber TSCM Services

“John”, U.S. Defense Contractor
The response and attitude of your team was outstanding. Will definitely use ComSec again.

Hired ComSec for Multiple Corporate TSCM / Cyber TSCM Services

“Bill”, Fortune 500 Corporation
Thank you! I appreciate how fast you were able to get here and help me!

Hired ComSec for Corporate TSCM / Cyber TSCM Services

“Carrie”, Small Business Owner