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Need Corporate TSCM Services? You can trust our experts to detect your electronic eavesdropping exposures. Call us for thorough and effective business TSCM services at 1-800-615-0392!

Compromises of business privacy are serious. When you need effective business TSCM services, ComSec is your best choice. Why? ComSec provides world class eavesdropping detection services. And, our business TSCM services include both TSCM and Cyber TSCM. As well, our TSCM pros have more than 35 years of experience. Our TSCM pros are well trained and highly skilled. In addition, ComSec uses the best and most current eavesdropping detection equipment in performance of our business TSCM services. In fact, our corporate TSCM services now also include IMSI catcher detection services. Ultimately, our proprietary methods give you an advantage in bugging device detection. ComSec's business TSCM services are a complete and effective solution!

We're a top rated corporate TSCM services company because we are thorough and effective. Contact ComSec by email or call us today 1-800-615-0392!

Licensed, Insured and Certified. USA Nationwide and Worldwide Professional Business TSCM Services

Business TSCM Services 

Choose Flat Fee Business TSCM Services That Best Meet Your Needs:

ComSec makes it easy for you to choose the best service for your business! How? We offer three all inclusive, flat fee Business TSCM Services. To choose, first determine the number of offices and conference rooms to be surveyed. Second, select the appropriate business TSCM services from the above diagram. Third, Contact us for a business TSCM Services quote.

In addition, your service includes the number of vehicles, cell phones and computers listed for the chosen business TSCM services option. Need corporate TSCM services of a larger area, or multiple locations? Contact us for a corporate TSCM services quote.

Choose Overt Or Covert Business TSCM Services

ComSec performs corporate TSCM services covertly or overtly. It's your choice.

Overt TSCM Services: We arrive per your instructions. We make contact with the designated POC. Our TSCM equipment and methods can be seen. We follow your instructions on handling questions about our purpose or activity. We can provide these corporate TSCM services during working hours, after hours or on the weekends.

Covert TSCM Services: All components and protocols used are concealed. Covert corporate TSCM services can be disguised as a LAN / Wi-Fi audit or cellular RF mapping session. We assess your exposures during normal working hours. If strict confidentiality is maintained by your company, covert corporate TSCM services can be a valuable tool to assess your exposures in real time.

Business TSCM Services Expertise You Can Count On!

Learn More About Our Corporate TSCM Services & TSCM Equipment:

ComSec performs a thorough electronic and physical exam to detect bugging devices.

More specifically, our bugging device detection experts detect the following types of electronic eavesdropping devices:

  • Elicit audio or optical bugging devices.
  • GSM, 3g & 4g cellular eavesdropping devices.
  • Wireless bugs.
  • Wire & mic taps and telephone taps.
  • Carrier current bugs.
  • Micro wireless video devices.
  • Laser or infrared eavesdropping devices.
  • GPS trackers on vehicles.
  • Cell phone spyware / malware

In other words, we detect very simple to very complex bugging devices. We're equipped and skilled at detecting a full range of bugging devices from the  inexpensive, low tech bugs to the very modern, complex bugging devices.

Still Need More Info? Call Our Business TSCM Services Experts At 1-800-615-0392!

Corporate TSCM Services

Business TSCM Services

Need business TSCM services for a specific number of offices or areas? Need services for a few mobile devices or cars? Our flat fee corporate TSCM services are the best choice.

Corporate TSCM services are available for new construction, data banks, warehouse areas, etc. We also provide corporate TSCM services for aircraft, yachts and corporate apartments. Contact us for a corporate TSCM Services quote!

The Assurance Option

Do proactive corporate TSCM services better suit your needs? Click for info on ComSec's Assurance Option Program.

Proactive corporate TSCM services detect potential exposures. These special contract corporate TSCM services are done at set intervals. Change in management? New ownership? Quarterly? Semi annually?  Contact us for a contract business TSCM Services quote! 

In Conference Monitoring

Concerned your board meetings or other corporate meetings are being monitored? Click to learn more about our corporate TSCM In Conference Monitoring services.

Our TSCM experts monitor your meeting(s) in real time from a covert, nearby location. We detect illegal collection attempts. Have a no cell phone policy for meetings? We can detect these exposures too. Contact us for a corporate TSCM In-conference monitoring services quote!

Additional Business TSCM Services

Cell Phone Forensics

Concerned your smartphone or mobile device is bugged? It's usually no more than 6' from you. It makes a great bugging device. ComSec's cellphone forensics service detects viruses, spyware, Trojans, malware, etc.

Suspect an employee is using a company owned mobile device in violation of company policies. Our mobile forensics report shows texts, images, emails, etc. (active and deleted.) You review the data to ID the issues. Get more information here

Vehicle TSCM Services

Suspect a company owned vehicle or executive vehicle is being tracked? GPS trackers are easy to install. They are also low cost, and can even be rented. Tracked vehicles provide lots of info for spies.

Our flat fee corporate TSCM services include GPS tracking detection for a few corporate autos. We can also quote vehicle TSCM services for more vehicles as needed. Contact us for a quote!

The Umbrella Option

Are you a business owner, C-suite executive and other hi profile person? You're on the move. Work doesn't stop when you leave your office. We offer an umbrella of protection that travels with you 365, 24/7.

The Umbrella Option includes corporate TSCM services for home, office, vehicle, mobile devices, jets, yachts, etc. Related tools, tips and info also included. US nationwide and global corporate TSCM services. Contact us for a quote!

TSCM Experts You Can Trust!

Corporate Espionage Videos:

FBI Video: The Company Man. Protecting America's Corporate Secrets

ComSec TSCM Services are available USA Nationwide. We serve: Alabama – AL, Alaska – AK, Arizona – AZ, Arkansas – AR, California – CA, Colorado – CO, Connecticut – CT, Delaware – DE, District of Columbia – DC, Florida – FL, Georgia – GA, Guam – GU, Hawaii – HI, Idaho – ID, Illinois – IL,  Indiana – IN, Iowa – IA, Kansas – KS, Kentucky – KY, Louisiana – LA, Maine – ME, Marshall Islands – MH, Maryland – MD, Massachusetts – MA, Michigan – MI, Minnesota – MN, Mississippi – MS, Missouri – MO, Montana – MT, Nebraska – NE, Nevada – NV, New Hampshire – NH, New Jersey – NJ, New Mexico – NM, New York – NY,  North Carolina – NC,  North Dakota – ND, Ohio – OH, Oklahoma – OK, Oregon – OR, Pennsylvania – PA, Puerto Rico – PR, Rhode Island – RI, South Carolina – SC, South Dakota – SD, Tennessee – TN, Texas – TX, Utah – UT, Vermont – VT, Virgin Island – VI, Virginia – VA,  Washington – WA, West Virginia – WV, Wisconsin – WI, Wyoming – WY, Washington, DC, World-Wide Services.

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