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ComSec LLC provides residential TSCM services for homes of all sizes, from estates to executive apartments. Among our clients are high net worth individuals, celebrities, politicians, dignitaries, high profile targets and executives. We offer services for 30,000+ sq. ft. estates to executive apartments.

Service packages are customized based on service area size, and the scope of services. We also offer the all inclusive service options (see below).

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What’s Included In Our Residential TSCM Services?

Our home TSCM services include the areas, devices and vehicles quoted. Typically, this is the immediate exterior and the interior of the residence, your cellphone(s), your computer(s) and your car(s). We also include a check of your router and wi-fi network security. Our residential TSCM services are designed to restore your privacy. Likewise, we restore the privacy of communications on your compromised personal devices and your vehicle(s).

Cellphones & Computers

We check your smartphone and computer for spyware & malware. If the device does have malware or spyware, we can tell you when and how the spyware or malware was introduced to your smartphone or computer. But, we do not remove spyware or malware on the devices.

If you need a more in-depth examination, we offer cellphone forensics services at an additional cost. Get more information here.

Vehicle TSCM Services

Suspect your vehicle is being tracked? GPS trackers are easy to install. They are also low cost, and can even be rented. GPS trackers may be visible, or they may be well hidden. Tracked vehicles provide lots of info for spies. They can tell a spy when you are away from home, where you are, where you are headed, etc. Your schedule, favorite places and even covert meetings become known.

Our residential TSCM services include GPS tracking detection for the quoted number of vehicles. We also check your vehicle(s) for electronic eavesdropping devices. Why? Because most people feel very comfortable having a private conversation in their vehicle. That’s why it’s a target for eavesdroppers.


About Our Services

Our highly skilled TSCM specialists use the most advanced TSCM equipment available. In fact, our equipment and expertise set us apart from other service providers.

We detect traditional eavesdropping devices. And, we also detect eavesdropping devices that use bluetooth, wi-fi or the cellular network to forward your sensitive information to an eavesdropper. As well, we address vulnerabilities with bluetooth, wi-fi and cellular networks that can be exploited for eavesdropping purposes. ComSec LLC’s residential TSCM services include both traditional TSCM and Cyber TSCM.  So, our services are comprehensive. Our home bug sweeps address the complex eavesdropping detection threat and vulnerabilities landscape of our “connected” world.

Our home TSCM services begin with a technical threat assessment. Then, we perform a physical search. And, next a scientific signal analysis using a variety of laboratory grade instrumentation. Eavesdropping devices are then located. As well, identified eavesdropping vulnerabilities are addressed, and recommendations are shared with the client. Finally, we provide a PDF report detailing the services performed, our findings, and our recommendations to help protect your privacy going forward. ComSec LLC’s professional residential bug sweep services help to restore your privacy and help you maintain privacy.

ComSec LLC’s is a top rated bug sweep provider. Read client testimonials to learn more about the level of service excellence we provide.

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Learn More About Our Specialists & Equipment

What Types of Bugging Devices Do We Detect?

Our TSCM specilaists detect:

  • Elicit audio or optical bugging devices.
  • GSM, 3g & 4g cellular eavesdropping devices.
  • Wireless bugs.
  • Wire & mic taps and telephone taps.
  • Carrier current bugs
  • Micro wireless video devices
  • Laser or infrared eavesdropping devices
  • Cell Phone Malware / Spyware


In other words, we detect very simple to very complex bugging devices. We’re equipped and skilled at detecting a full range of bugging devices from the  inexpensive, low tech bugs to the very modern, complex bugging devices.

Can You Detect Listening Devices Yourself?

In general, it is very hard for untrained people to locate listening devices. Why? Because, bugs can be tiny devices. And, an eavesdropper may hide the device well. Unfortunately, the bug may be disguised and hidden in plain sight too. Surely, an eavesdropper can hide a bug in an item you do not suspect. For instance, bugging devices may be hidden in furniture, wall clocks, pens, calculators or other items. Your electronic devices and technology services may also be compromised. Often, bug detectors that are sold to the public hit on any type of electronic device. How will you be able to tell if your bug detector found an actual listening device? Our skilled TSCM specialists can tell you!