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ComSec LLC’s cell phone forensics provides a comprehensive electronic report of the contents of the mobile device examined. Also we detect malware, spyware and spy apps during the cell phone forensics. We use MOBILedit professional software for our mobile forensics services. And, a skilled Specialist performs the forensics services at our Virginia forensics lab.

Cellphone Forensics ServiceComSec’s cell phone forensics is available to Clients throughout the USA. We complete the mobile forensics within four (4) business days after receipt of your mobile device at our Virginia forensics lab. Then, we promptly return your mobile device(s) along with a USB of hard drive containing the electronic PDF report and associated files.

You can order mobile forensics today by completing our service request form or call 1-800-615-0392 to learn more.



Our Technology

ComSec LLC’s cell phone forensics is performed with MOBILedit professional software. MOBILedit is an all-in-one solution for data extraction from phones, smartwatches and clouds. It utilizes both physical and logical data acquisition, has excellent application analysis, deleted data recovery, a wide range of supported devices, fine-tuned reports, concurrent processing, and easy-to-use interface.  This professional software has been used by law-enforcement agencies, military and investigators in more than 160 countries. Learn more about how NIST compares MOBILedit software to other leading brands.

Included with the Cell Phone Forensics

A comprehensive report is provided in electronic PDF format on an USB or external hard drive. And, the associated files that are linked in the PDF report are included on a USB or external hard drive also.

The PDF report includes a listing of the contents on the mobile device, including:

  • Deleted data*
  • Call history
  • Contacts
  • Text messages
  • Multimedia messages
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Recordings
  • Calendar items
  • Reminders
  • Notes
  • Data files
  • Passwords
  • Emails
  • Data from apps such as Skype, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Signal, WeChat and many others.

*The undeleted contents on the mobile device, and any deleted content that has not been overwritten in the mobile device’s memory are included in cell phone forensics report.

The PDF report is organized by the type of information and date and time. You can search through the content of the PDF report for particular information using Adobe Acrobat’s “Find” function.

As well, ComSec LLC’s cell phone forensics detects malware (e.g. spyware, spy apps, viruses, keyloggers and other malicious payloads) on your mobile device. If they are present on the mobile device, the program/app name, the date, time and the mode of entry on the device is provided (e.g. email address, phone number, IP address, etc. as seen by the mobile device.)

Compatible Mobile Devices

Cell Phone Forensics Service

Cell phone forensics is available for all iPhones, all Android phones are supported except some special, incompatible and rare models. Windows Phone system is supported as well, but has limited possibilities. Thousands of mobile phone models are supported.


Cell Phone Forensics Process

Our cell phone forensics service process follows:

  • Complete the Cell Phone Forensics service request form. (All the info you need is on the form.)
  • Send your device and the completed service request form to ComSec LLC via traceable shipping method (e.g. UPS, Fedex, etc.)
  • Send an email to lml@comsecllc.com with the tracking information.
  • Upon receipt, we will perform the mobile device forensics.
  • You’ll receive an email with your receipt, and the tracking information for your device(s) and the report hard drive once the service is complete.
  • We send your mobile device(s) and the report hard drive back to you.

Call us today 1-800-615-0392 or complete the Cell Phone Forensics service request form!



Why Isn’t Malware Removal Included with the Services?

Removal of malware aCell Phone Forensics Servicend restoration of privacy on cell phones and mobile devices is more complex than just removing the malware (also known as spyware or spy app programs). Factors such as: infected cloud backups, compromised cellular carriers accounts, WiFi security compromises, email account compromises and other information collected by the eavesdropper while the malware is on the mobile device all affect the ability to restore privacy once a mobile device is infected with malware. Malware can capture email addresses, user names and passwords, contacts, pictures, voicemails, social account information and a host of other information that requires diligence in restoring privacy. What’s more, simply removing the malware does not restore privacy once a cell phone or mobile device is compromised with malware.

You Can Trust Your Cell Phone Forensics Needs to ComSec!

ComSec LLC’s cell phone forensics provides a comprehensive report using MOBILedit professional software. And, the included malware exam identifies spyware and spy apps on your mobile device.

Order cell phone forensics today by completing our service request form or call 1-800-615-0392 to learn more!



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Cell Phone Malware Threat

If your cell phone or mobile device is infected with malware, spyware, a virus, a Trojan or a keylogger, it’s leaking your information. And, since most people keep their cell phone within 6′ feet of them, the type and amount of personal information captured can be alarming. Software, apps and other technology that can capture your valuable data are inexpensive and easy to install. And, many types of malware replicate text messages, emails, photos, videos, etc. and send them directly to spy.  If your cell phone or mobile device is compromised, it’s important to be aware of this and to take action to restore your privacy

About Com.Sec File References on Mobile Devices

* ComSec LLC is NOT associated with the file “com.sec.phone” or other variations such as “com.sec.xxxxx .. “ file that may be on your cellular device. These types of files are part of software programs put on your device by the phone manufacturer, the operating system software and/or third party apps. 

Note: “Comsec” is a standard abbreviation for communication security, and is widely used to describe communication security related terms.