Cell Phone Forensics

Our cell phone forensics service is not a remote service. First, send us your cell phone. And, we’ll perform the cell phone forensics service on your mobile device(s).  Then, we return ship your mobile device(s) to you typically within two business days. Thereafter, your cell phone forensics report will be emailed to you within two days of service

Concerned About Cell Phone Surveillance?

ComSec’s cell phone forensics service provides data extraction and detects cell phone spyware. And, our cell phone forensics service also includes a comprehensive email report of cell phone contents (active and deleted.)

ComSe’c cell phone forensics service is a professional level service. Specifically, we use Cellebrite cell phone forensicstechnology, which is preferred by law enforcement, military and intelligence services. As well, all cell phone forensics services are performed by Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiners (CCME).

Likewise, our cell phone forensics service is thorough, fast and effective. And, our cell phone forensics services are available USA nationwide.

Call us today 1-800-615-0392 or complete the Cell Phone Forensics service request form!

Cell Phone Forensics Service

Performed by Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner (CCME)

Cell phone forensics services for Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, All Tel and hundreds of other smartphone and mobile devices.

Please call 800-615-0392 or complete our secure Contact Form to verify compatibility of your device(s) with the Cellebrite software.

Cell Phone Spyware Detection

Viruses, Spyware, Trojans, Malware, Tracking

If your cell phone is infected with a virus, spyware, Trojan or malware, it’s leaking your valuable information. As well, cell phone taps and mobile tracking can leave you vulnerable. Unfortunately, software, apps and other tech to capture your valuable data are cheap and easy to get. Likewise, there are many ways someone can compromise your mobile device without your knowledge. Once compromised, the phone pushes data to another device. Then, your text messages, emails, photos and videos are replicated to another device. Of course, the info on your mobile device is very valuable to a spy.

Equally as concerning, most people keep their cell phone within 6′ feet of them at all times. If your cell phone is compromised, your privacy is also compromised. Ultimately, our cell phone forensics service restores your privacy. Order ComSec’s Cell Phone Forensics services today and regain your privacy!

Cell Phone Forensics

Do you need a complete, digital cell phone forensics report? ComSec’s cell phone forensics services include a Cellebrite generated pdf report. The cell phone forensics service report includes:

  • SMS text messages
  • Emails
  • Calls dialed, calls received, call times and call durations
  • Contacts (contact names and phone numbers)
  • Residential and email addresses in the address book
  • Locations based on Wi-Fi, cell towers and GPS coordinates
  • Photos
  • Videos

Our service is thorough and effective, and we provide your electronic report quickly. Order service today!

Cell Phone Forensics Service

Our Technology:

We use Cellebrite cell phone forensic solutions (Link).  There’s not doubt that Cellebrite has the most tech advanced extraction, decoding, analysis and reporting capabilities of mobile data systems available. Likewise, our Cellebrite Touch Ultimate and our Cellebrite UFED physical analyzer technology provide the most powerful and feature-rich extraction, decoding and analysis tools. Most importantly, UFED is the first choice for forensic specialists in law enforcement, military, intelligence, and eDiscovery agencies in more than 60 countries.

Our UFED Touch Ultimate performs physical, logical, file system and password extraction of all data (even if deleted). And, we perform cell phone forensics on legacy and feature phones, smartphones, Android devices, BlackBerry devices, Apple devices, iPads, etc. running any iOS version. As well, we perform mobile forensics services on portable GPS devices, tablets and phones manufactured with Chinese chipsets.

Our UFED Physical Analyzer  features enhanced decoding capabilities for multiple data types. Also, the unit performs an on demand search for viruses, spyware, Trojans, malware and other malicious payloads. In addition, daily updates of malware signatures ensure we are up-to-date on the frequent release of malware and cell phone spyware. Assuredly, this technology helps our mobile forensics experts to perform thorough and effective cell phone forensic examinations.

You can trust your cell phone forensics needs to ComSec!

Stop wondering if your cell phone, smartphone, iPad or tablet is under surveillance! Our cell phone forensics service provides data extraction reporting and identifies spyware on mobile devices.

Order cell phone forensics services today by completing our service request form or call 1-800-615-0392 to speak with a mobile phone forensics expert.

* ComSec LLC is NOT associated with the file “com.sec.phone” or other variations such as “com.sec.xxxxx .. “ file that may be on your cellular device. This file is part of a software program that serves as a type of firewall for your 3G data/ telecommunications devices. It prevents a 3rd party from intercepting data by encrypting it.

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