2020 ComSec LLC Event & Trade Show Schedule


2020 Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC)      NAV Centre in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

Rescheduled to Summer 2020

The Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC)TM has gained the distinction of being the longest running professional development event for Technical Security practitioners in Canada.


National Technical Investigators Association NATIA 2020   Rhode Island    July 11-16, 2020     Booth #: 936

NATIA 2020 Rhode Island ComSec-LLC

NATIA hosts this annual event that includes classroom training, hands-on workshops, and a technology exhibition.  In addition, there are many opportunities to network with a wide variety of individuals who are engaged in technical surveillance and specialized support of  law enforcement and intelligence gathering agencies.  NATIA national conferences may only be attended by members in good standing .


2020 ERII Annual Counterespionage Conference           Falls Church, VA             September 17-18, 2020

2020 ERII Counterespionage Conference

The Espionage Research Institute International (ERII) hosts the annual conference which is a gathering of counterespionage, counterintelligence and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) practitioners from across the globe.


57th Annual AOC International Symposium & Convention       Washington, DC     December 8-10, 2020   Booth #: 324

57th AOC Association of Old Crows 2020 ComSec LLC

The Annual Association of Old Crows (AOC) International Symposium and Convention is the leading event for electronic warfare, electromagnetic spectrum operations, cyber-electromagnetic activities, and information operations professionals from around the world.