Counter Surveillance Services

Need expert counter surveillance services? Call ComSec LLC Today! Our counter surveillance services restore your privacy and peace of mind.

ComSec’s counter surveillance services begin with a technical threat assessment to identify your vulnerabilities. Accordingly, these vulnerabilities are addressed during your service. Likewise, our counter surveillance services include both traditional TSCM and Cyber TSCM. So, our services are an all inclusive TSCM solution.

ComSec’s professionals use the most current eavesdropping detection equipment. In addition, our counter surveillance services are performed by highly trained experts. As a result, our experts detect expensive, complex bugging devices and inexpensive bugging devices. We also detect other technical surveillance threats. For all of these reasons, the results are world class, thorough and effective counter surveillance services. Read our client testimonials to learn more about the quality of our counter surveillance services.

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What Types of Bugging Devices Can We Detect?

We perform a thorough electronic and physical exam to detect bugging devices. Our experts detect elicit audio or optical bugging devices. We detect GSM, 3g & 4g cellular eavesdropping devices and wireless bugs. We also detect wire & mic taps and telephone taps. Carrier current bugs, micro wireless video device, laser or infrared eavesdropping device are also detected. Visit our eavesdropping detection equipment page to learn more about our capabilities.

About ComSec:

ComSec’s counter surveillance services are top rated by our customers. We serve Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, non-profits and startup companies. In addition, we serve celebrities, politicians, ambassadors and other hi-profile individuals. And, ComSec’s services are available USA nationwide and worldwide.

We are a progressive company. We understand that detecting surveillance threats takes diligence. So, we study emerging threats. We are students of the changes. Likewise, we seek out the best detection methods. Equally important, our methods evolve as the threats change. We address Cyber TSCM threats too. All in all, we provide all-inclusive counter surveillance services. More importantly, we restore your privacy!

Who Conducts Illegal Surveillance?

Our technical threat assessment is used to id likely surveillance threats. Certainly, eavesdroppers come from many walks of life. It is important to realize that businesses or their executives may be targeted by investors, competitors, activist groups, or insider threats.

Unfortunately, a foreign national may also have reason to eavesdrop on your company. Another key point is that foreign spies may steal technology to replicate company processes or service models abroad. Specifically, nation state sponsored espionage has been increasing. Not surprisingly, corporate espionage and industrial espionage cost businesses billions each year. Certainly, ComSec’s corporate counter surveillance services help stop leaks of your proprietary information.

Surveillance is conducted for one reason, to steal your valuable information. In any case, ComSec’s counter surveillance services help stop leaks of your valuable intellectual property!

Does electronic surveillance require large or complex bugging devices?

No, it does not. Certainly, bugging devices have evolved. And, they are now small, and most are very easy to use. ComSec’s counter surveillance services detect large and small bugging devices. Specifically, our experts also detect simple to complex bugging devices. Moreover, our counter surveillance services detect expensive to very inexpensive bugging devices.