Am I Bugged?

Is Your Business Bugged? Concerned About Business Technical Surveillance?

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Am I Bugged?

Am I Bugged - Business Technical Surveillance

If you have a suspicion that your offices are bugged, then it’s likely your offices are bugged.

Can you answer YES to one or more of the following questions?

  • Has information discussed with authorized person(s) in conference rooms or C-suite offices been repeated by unauthorized person(s)?
  • Does your competition know about your company confidential sales strategies or marketing plans?
  • Have you been underbid on a contract and the pricing you established for the contract was not known to the public?
  • Are you losing business to a competitor who does not offer a better price, service, technology or experience?
  • Has critical information about a novel technology, methodology or process that you have been developing landed in the hands of a foreign government or competing company?
  • Does a new product on the market look a bit too similar to one your company recently developed?
  • Did a former employee go to work for the competitor and suddenly that competitor is aware of daily activities in your company?

A YES answer to the Am I Bugged questions above means it’s time for a hire a professional business TSCM service!  



Why Am I Bugged?

You could be targeted for technical surveillance if your business generates, accesses, manages or stores valuable information. Why? Because spies, foreign countries and other electronic eavesdroppers target businesses based on the value of their information. The information may have monetary, strategic, political or personal value that can be used as leverage. If you have access to information that is highly valuable, there is an even stronger likelihood that you will be the target of technical surveillance. The  goal of technical surveillance is to obtain your valuable information and use it for profit or as a bargaining chip. When spies, nation states and other electronic eavesdroppers target your business, it’s because they have already decided your information is valuable enough to outweigh the risk of being caught.

Serious and credible technical surveillance threats exist. Get a first hand look at modern technical surveillance devices by downloading ComSec’s pdf” The Threat Book” Vol 1, Issue 1.


The Cyber Eavesdropping Factor

Am I Bugged - Business Technical SurveillanceCyber eavesdropping devices have removed geographical boundaries from the technical surveillance equation. Technology advances make it possible for an eavesdropper to collect your information from anywhere in the world. And, at the same time the risk of the cyber eavesdropper being caught while they accessing your information is lower. Why? Because the eavesdropper can use a network (e.g. Wi-Fi, bluetooth or the cellular network) or surreptitious access point to send the information to their location. That means they don’t have to come back into your offices to collect the device to get access to the information.

And, cyber bugging devices are often sound or motion activated. So, they collect and store the information, and then burst it forward to the eavesdropper. This functionality conserves energy, lengthens the battery life, and increases the length of time the device can capture information. The eavesdropper may also be able to call into the device, and listen at any time. And, the use of virtual private networks (VPN), spoofing apps, burner phone apps, etc. can further mask the identity and/or location of the electronic eavesdropper.

You Need Professional Business TSCM Services If You Are Asking Yourself, Am I Bugged?

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Does My Business Face a Higher Risk of Technical Surveillance?

Certain industries do face a higher risk of technical surveillance. For example, business information such as: classified information, critical infrastructure info, technology development data, personal protected information (PPI), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) info, financial data, etc. increase risk. As well, certain industries are at a higher risk of technical surveillance, including:

  • Defense Contractors
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Emerging Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Media
  • Political Organizations

And, other business factors can elevate business risk, such as:

  • Law Suits
  • Change of Ownership
  • Sale of a Business
  • Visits by Foreign Guests,
  • Departure of Key Employees
  • New Product Development
  • Creating Disruptive Technology
  • Controversial Media Attention
  • Office Relocation
  • Office Renovations

According to

“The crime of eavesdropping means to overhear, record, amplify or transmit any part of the private communication of others without the consent of at least one of the persons engaged in the communication, except as otherwise provided by law. Private communications take place where one may reasonably expect to be safe from casual or hostile intrusion or surveillance, but such term does not include a place to which the public or a substantial group of the public has access. A person commits the crime of criminal eavesdropping if he intentionally uses any device to eavesdrop, whether or not he is present at the time.”

Restoring Your Privacy

Am I Bugged - Business Technical SurveillanceIf you are still wonder “Am I Bugged?” know that postponing professional TSCM Services can be a costly decision. The longer the technical surveillance continues, the more proprietary, confidential and other valuable information your business may lose. Trust your intuition!

The most important question to ask yourself is, “What can I do to minimize the damage, stop the leaks and prevent future spying attacks?”

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