The COVERT | Counter Surveillance Travel Kit

For Technical Security Conscious Travelers


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THE COVERT Counter Surveillance Travel KitThe COVERT is a compact counter surveillance travel kit for technical security conscious travelers. The kit provides user-friendly counter surveillance tools that detect a range of surreptitious devices from simple audio and optical surveillance transmissions to executive level devices. The COVERT tools detect audio and video bugging devices that are typically found in hotel rooms, vacation homes, rented board rooms, rental vehicles, etc.

With The COVERT kit, you also get access to resources that demonstrate how you can effectively utilize the tools. Use this counter surveillance travel kit to detect, then pinpoint the exact types of transmissions in your spaces. As well, you can then disable the located covert devices. The COVERT counter surveillance kit is ideal for government officials, law enforcement teams, business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and private individuals who are concerned about technical security and privacy while they travel.

Why You Need The COVERT

Sensitive or private information is often discussed in hotel rooms, venue board rooms, vacation homes, rental vehicles, etc. Private individuals are also often concerned about being monitored in a hotel room, Airbnb, etc. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to have a professional bug sweep of the area(s) of concern while traveling. So, maintaining technical security while traveling can be difficult, but it is very necessary.

The COVERT provides travelers with an option to perform a limited scope sweep of the area(s) of concern when a full scope sweep is not possible. Historically, performing your own sweep of areas has not been a good option. Why? Complicated counter surveillance tools and interpretation of the results have been a challenge. We address this challenge by providing user friendly tools and resources that help you detect devices and effectively interpret the results.

The COVERT also provides a first line of defense for government, law enforcement and business clients who need to address information security concerns while traveling abroad.  While it is not a substitution for a professional full scope TSCM Bug Sweep, it does provide awareness of technical security threats that are typical in rented spaces.

Get The COVERT to Protect Your Technical Security and Privacy While Traveling!




The COVERT Counter Surveillance Travel Kit Includes:


1) Professional Radio Frequency (RF) Detector

This RF detector was created for discovering all types of radio frequency emitting eavesdropping devices, including analog and digital devices. And, this tool also detects devices that transmit information over mobile networks and those using wireless standards.

The frequency range of the detector has been split into three parts, each displayed by a separate bar graph:

  • VHF/UHF 50-700 MHz
  • Mobile and wireless 700 MHz – 3 GHz
  • Microwave and wireless 3-12 GHz

As well, separate indication allows you to better understand what type of signal is detected, to detect several signals at the same time and to sustain the ability of detection near the sources of interference.


2) Wi-Fi Inspection Camera

The COVERT includes a professional level, robust next generation Wi-Fi Inspection Camera designed and engineered with award winning features to provide easier, faster and safer visual inspections. It’s the ideal versatile tool for inspecting and detecting possible surreptitious technical surveillance threats. Includes:

  • App for Android or iPhone control
  • Super-fast charge
  • Rigid 27.5 ” extension pole and flexible gooseneck


3) Camera Detector

The COVERT includes a dual purpose powerful camera detector. USB rechargeable battery.

Includes day and night mode detection:

  • Day Mode Infrared View Finder with Six (6) Bright LEDs
  • Night Mode with Infrared Camera with Built In Video Monitor



4) Key Fob / Room Key Faraday Bag

The Covert Key Fob Faraday BagThe Covert Key Fob Faraday BagThe COVERT includes a key FOB / Room Key Faraday bag with carbon fiber texture, so you can keep your vehicle and room key safe and secure.

  • Prevents thieves from picking up and relaying signals from your key FOB to shield vehicle against break-ins and keyless ignition theft.
  • The smaller/front pocket is anti-radiation for storing room key, ID card, bank cards, etc.



5) Inspection Light

The Covert Inspection Light

The COVERT includes a professional 900 lumen LED beam flashlight. Provides both white light and UV light for inspection. Light beam is zoomable. Battery powered inspection LED flashlight. 

  • White LED light
  • Ultraviolet focused 395nm blacklight.


6) Multi-Function USB Tester

THE COVERT Counter Surveillance Travel Kit

The COVERT’s Multi-Function USB Tester provides real-time detection of the state of charge, voltage, current, capacity, electricity, power, equivalent impedance, temperature and other indicators of electrical USB connectors and cables. You can detect surreptitious technical threats embedded within USB cables, charging ports and power supplies.

  • Measuring voltage: 3.7V-30V
  • Measuring current: 0-4A


7) Peep Hole Covers

THE COVERT Counter Surveillance Travel Kit

Includes peep hole covers to prevent peep hole spying into the space.


8) Packed in a Covert “First Aid” Travel Pack for EDC carry.


COVERT Counter Surveillance Sweep Kit  COVERT Counter Surveillance Sweep KitCommercial off the shelf mini-edc pack that securely holds tools in place.

Conveniently pack The COVERT in your checked bag, briefcase, backpack or carry on bag.

(Note: Check departure and arrival location(s) regulations for compliance.)


The COVERT pack is available in Red (Shown Above), Black, Gray, or Tan.

ComSec LLC The Covert Black PackComSec LLC The Covert Grey PackComSec LLC The Covert Tan Pack

Patches are available in Red, Blue, Dark Gray, or Tan.

The COVERT Red PatchThe COVERT Blue PatchThe COVERT Tan Patch

9) Includes all equipment charging cables and accessories.


10) Private access to The COVERT resources page with instruction manuals and instructional videos for the tools in The COVERT.


If You Travel, You Need The COVERT Counter Surveillance Travel Kit!



Add On Options

Professional level thermography imager features:

  • The COVERT Counter Surveillance Kit3.5″ Touchscreen
  • 192 x 144 IR resolution
  • 27,648 pixels
  • Thermal sensitivity <0.04°C/NETD<40 mK sensor
  • 8MP visual camera
  • Full-screen temperature measurement (Max, Min, Center spots)
  • -4°F to 752°F temperature range
  •  LED work light allows you to reach dark and hard-to-reach areas
  • Real-time image transferring & reports generating by Wi-Fi connecting smartphone
  • Built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery with up to 4 hrs (continuous operation).

Why You Need The COVERT

  • Covert, compact and light weight.The Covert Counter Surveillance Travel Kit
  • Pack in your checked bag, briefcase, backpack or carry on bag.
  • Detect information security threats while traveling.
  • Includes both counter surveillance tools and resources that demonstrate how to use the tools.
  • Provides a first line of defense when a having a full scope TSCM Bug Sweep is not possible.
  • Low cost $$ Counter Surveillance solution.

Travel & Technical Security

Government officials, law enforcement teams, business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and private individuals need privacy during travel. What would happen if your technical security and/or privacy was compromised when you travel?

You could be providing the spy with access to:

  • Conversations about plans, schedules, meetings, etc.
  • Privileged information discussed with superiors, customers, suppliers, etc.
  • Information discussed during closed door meetings
  • Private details of conversations with family or friends
  • Knowledge of when you are in or out of the room
  • Private moments in hotel rooms, vacation homes and rental properties
  • Information discussed in your vehicle/rental vehicle and/or your location, destination, etc.
  • Images and/or video that can be used for extortion, leverage, etc.