Meeting TSCM Services

Concerned About Electronic Eavesdropping During Corporate Meetings or Conferences?

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When maintaining the privacy of communications during business meetings is crucial, schedule ComSec LLC’s meeting TSCM services and in-conference monitoring services. Our meeting TSCM services detect traditional and cyber eavesdropping devices, audio / visual equipment eavesdropping vulnerabilities, as well as vulnerabilities in wi-fi, bluetooth and cellular devices and networks that can be exploited for eavesdropping purposes. And, our in-conference monitoring services provide alerts of electronic eavesdropping attempts during your meeting. ComSec’s meeting TSCM services help you maintain confidential and proprietary company information during onsite and offsite meetings and conferences.



Meeting TSCM Services

Meeting TSCM ServicesComSec’s provides meeting TSCM services of onsite and offsite meeting rooms before the meetings begin to protect your confidential and proprietary information. We perform a thorough visual, physical and electronic TSCM/Cyber TSCM service of the meeting space, the A/V equipment and the wi-fi, bluetooth and cellular networks. We use a three pronged approach that detects eavesdropping devices, eavesdropping vulnerabilities and Cyber TSCM threats. From hidden cameras, to voice recorders, to unencrypted microphones to unsecured Wi-Fi networks, our services detect the devices and vulnerabilities that can compromise your corporate information. Learn more about ComSec’s Specialists and our TSCM Equipment.

ComSec LLC’s Specialists work with your security staff and A/V service provider(s) to ensure the meeting space and equipment is surveyed, any issues are corrected and the meeting room is secured until the meeting(s) begins. When maintaining confidential or proprietary meeting information is important, ComSec LLC is the team to hire.


In-Conference Monitoring TSCM Services

In-Conference Monitoring ServicesWhile a TSCM sweep of the meeting space(s) is important prior to the meeting, the threat of eavesdropping attempts only increases after the meetings are in progress. Our In-conference monitoring service detect violations of no audio/video recording policies, illicit IMIS catcher attacks, unauthorized Wi-Fi access points and rogue devices, bluetooth device issues, A/V equipment issues, etc. Our covert detection capabilities allow us to locate the detected threats quickly so communication security can be restored.

And, our in-conference monitoring services won’t alert or inconvenience meeting attendees. ComSec LLC continually monitors the meeting for eavesdropping threats from an adjacent area/room. Our in-conference monitoring services are performed covertly. And, we can also covertly walk through conference rooms during the meetings to determine if there are violations of no mobile device policies. If it’s important to ensure your meetings  are not compromised by eavesdropping devices or vulnerabilities, contact ComSec LLC for in-conference monitoring services.

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Our Meeting TSCM Services Detect the Following Eavesdropping Devices & Vulnerabilities:

  • Audio or optical bugging devices
  • GSM, 3G & 4G cellular eavesdropping devices
  • Wireless bugs
  • Wire & mic taps and telephone taps
  • Carrier current bugs
  • Micro wireless video devices.
  • Laser or infrared eavesdropping devices
  • Illicit IMSI catcher use
  • Rogue Wi-fi networks, access points and devices
  • Unencrypted microphones
  • Leaky Bluetooth devices
  • Hidden cellular devices
  • And more  . . .
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Do Corporate Spies Target Meetings?

The US government estimates that on average, $90,000 is spent annually to eavesdrop on a single corporate target.

Consider The Following in Determining a Need for Meeting TSCM Services:

  1. Is your company or organization operating within a high risk industry or field of practice?
  2. How valuable is the information discussed at your meeting to your competitor(s), the media, a foreign entity or government?
  3. How would your company or organization be impacted if the information discussed during the meeting was shared with the press, competitor(s), etc.?
  4. When was the last time TSCM services were performed within your off-site meeting space?

Additional Services

Executive Guest Room TSCM Services


ComSec LLC’s executive guest suite TSCM services ensure hotel suites are cleared of eavesdropping devices, threats and cyber vulnerabilities, before the space is occupied by your executive staff. Executives guest rooms are an ideal target for eavesdroppers. From capturing compromising video to audio recording of in-suite meetings, guest suite eavesdropping is a credible threat to your executives and your business.

Whether TSCM services are needed once before occupancy by the executive, or every day before the executive returns to the guest room, our TSCM Services provide a cleared space for executives to conduct in-room meetings and have private conversations in guest suites.