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HSA-Q1 JJN Digital

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Handheld Spectrum Analyzer HSA-Q1 13 GHz

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer HSA-Q1 has a frequency range of 0 to 13.4 GHz and sweep time of just half a second. The HSA-Q1 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer detects all types of RF signals within range. Even modern pulsed burst signals that can be missed by slower sweeping units are detected by the HSA-Q1.  And, it offers unprecedented performance in a truly handheld package!

It’s ideal for professional TSCM applications. Designed to ensure maximum detection capability, it has invaluable features that aid countermeasures RF detection or ‘Sweeps’. Yet, it is easy to operate. And, it has an intuitive, user friendly interface.

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ComSec LLC is the  USA / North American Distributor of the JJN HSA-Q1 Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer.



Key Features of the HSA-Q1 RF Spectrum Analyzer

  • Perform detailed evaluation with frequency spans set for the whole 13.44 GHz range down to just 25 Mhz . View the RF signal in more detail  by moving the cursor onto any detected RF signal and pressing the ‘Zoom’ button.
  • Use the HSA-Q1 Waterfall (Spectrogram) function to provide real time full color graphical display of any detected RF signal for user further spectrum analysis. Evaluate modern pulsed digital signals (or frequency hopping signals) using the waterfall function.
  • RF Sensitivity can be adjusted over 5 levels. Maximum (-80 dBm) is used to detect all RF signals including those in other adjacent rooms or even outside the building. Minimum is used when location of a specific nearby signal source is required.


Key Functions

  • Operate the HSA-Q1 spectrum analyzer Tune-Listen function with the push of a button. You can direct tune into any signal detected. Or, view the signal pattern and see the signal strength live (down to -100dBm). Or, select Wide FM, Narrow FM or AM demodulation and listen to the detected signal through the built in loudspeaker or earphones. Use this function to identify conventional bugs with microphones or eliminating other innocent detected signals such as broadcast radio.
  • Perform a ‘Background’ scan to learn and store the current RF environment. Store and recall at any time for comparison of any new suspect signals appearing in the RF environment since the last check. New signals are highlighted on the display for closer inspection.Handheld Spectrum Analyzer HSA-Q1 RF Spectrum Analyzer
  • Perform further evaluation of any detected signal using the persistence mode . The more ‘persistent’ the signal is (the longer it remains detected) its color will change from blue through the color spectrum to red for the longest present signals. Persistent signals that might otherwise be hidden in a noisy RF environment can be identified.
  • Store sweep data by connecting the USB stick to the HSA-Q1 Memory Log function. Store sweep data in time and date format and display it graphically for recall at any time for further graphical analysis.


Benefits of the Handheld Spectrum Analyzer HSA-Q1

  • 1 MHz to 13.44GHz frequency range
  • Sweep time of just 0.5 seconds
  • Truly portable Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
  • Designed specifically for professional TSCM countermeasures use
  • The Memory Log function means sweep data can be stored by simply connecting a USB stick
  • Designed, manufactured and tested in the United Kingdom to highest technical standards.
  • Budget friendly price.


Handheld & Portable RF Spectrum Analyzer

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer HSA-Q1 13 GHzThe Handheld Spectrum Analyzer HSA-Q1 is genuinely portable.

  • The unit is designed for handheld use.
  • It’s also fitted with a retractable stand for desktop use.
  • The unit weighs just 2.9 Lbs.
  • And, it is encased in a machined aluminum enclosure for ultimate durability.
  • Get up to 4 hours of use from one charge using the internal Lithium Polymer battery pack. Or, use the charger connection to operate the unit continuously.

HSA-Q1 Information

  • Frequency Range 1 MHz to 13.44 GHz
  • Sweep time of just 0.5 seconds  (Full Range)
  • Spectrogram Waterfall Function for detected signal analysis
  • Tune & Listen demodulation function – AM/WFM/NFM
  • Data Logging to USB Stick with Time & Date stamp
  • Background Memory Function to compare previous sweeps
  • Very High RF Sensitivity (-80 dBm Sweep, -100 dBm Direct Tune)
  • 6″ TFT Display Screen – Outdoor Readable
  • Audio through internal Speaker or Earphones
  • Multi-element custom antenna supplied
  • Internal Lithium Polymer Battery – 4 Hours Battery Life
  • Weight just 2.9 Lbs.
  • Machined Aluminum Enclosure
  • Supplied in Compact Military Standard Carry Case

One (1) year manufacturer’s warranty.

View Handheld Spectrum Analyzer HSA-Q1 Brochure.

Your purchase of the HSA-Q1 Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer includes:


Handheld Spectrum Analyzer HSA-Q1 Supplied Case

  • HSA-Q1 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
  • Multi-Element Concentric Antenna (0.9 In.)
  • Telescopic Whip Antenna
  • Charger with International Adaptors
  • Earphones
  • Standard Compact Carry Case

Carry case dimensions: L 14.3 In x W 11.1 In x H 4.7 In

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer | HSA-Q1 | RF Spectrum AnalyzerFor maximum flexibility the HSA-Q1 RF Spectrum Analyzer is supplied with two antennae:

Multi-Element 13.44GHz  (Dimensions: Length 8.7 In. x Dia. 0.7 In) for general use; and

Telescopic whip antenna for low frequency use.


The HSA-Q1 is manufactured in the UK using the highest quality, professional grade components and processes.

All assembled circuits are fully tested and calibrated before final assembly.

All HSA-Q1 units are then tested on completion and every product undergoes a final test before shipping to the USA.

The JJN Digital HSA-Q1 handheld spectrum analyzer is warrantied to be free of manufacturing defects for twelve (12) months.

The HSA-Q1 RF Spectrum Analyzer carriers the CE mark indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).