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ComSec provides expert corporate espionage detection services to large corporations, global companies and small businesses. USA Nationwide & Worldwide Corporate Espionage Detection Services.

We are licensed, insured and certified corporate espionage detection service provider.

Cybercrime and corporate espionage costs $445 billion annually. Don't be a victim!

TSCM - Detect - Isolate - Secure

Aiming to reduce your risk of corporate espionage? Contact ComSec. Our expert corporate espionage detection services provide a preemptive strategy that lowers your risk!

Reducing corporate risks to acceptable levels is a C-suite and Board responsibility. Does your corporate risk management plan include TSCM to detect electronic eavesdropping? Omitting periodic TSCM services increases your risk of corporate espionage. In fact, a risk management strategy that does not address corporate espionage may not adequately protect your company.

Corporate Espionage Detection Services:

From threat assessments to TSCM / Cyber TSCM inspections to educational resources, ComSec's corporate espionage detection services are an all inclusive solution. We assess your vulnerabilities. Then, we develop a corporate espionage detection strategy. Next, we perform recurring TSCM / Cyber TSCM services. We also provide a comprehensive service report and educational resources for staff. All in all, our corporate espionage detection services are a vital part of an effective corporate risk management strategy.

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Corporate Espionage Detection Services:

"The Assurance Option" Corporate Espionage Detection Service:

Description of Our Corporate Espionage Detection Services:

ComSec's preemptive corporate espionage detection services are called "The Assurance Option." The program is initiated after a full scope corporate TSCM and Cyber TSCM service.

The Assurance Option Consists Of:

  • Threat assessments prior to inspections to id new corporate espionage threats.
  • Periodic TSCM / Cyber TSCM inspections.
    • Choose quarterly or semi-annual services.
    • The time between services may be event or circumstance driven.
  • Electronic service report.
    • Includes inspection results and recommendations to improve your preventive corporate espionage posture.
  • "ComSec Threat Book". It's a useful tool to educate staff on new bugging devices and corporate espionage tactics.

Benefits of ComSec's Corporate Espionage Detection Services:

The Assurance Option

Corporate Espionage Detection
  • Address corporate espionage detection objectives and goals.
  • Identify vulnerabilities in corporate espionage detection strategy.
  • Develop an effective corporate counter espionage program.
  • Detect electronic eavesdropping threats in a timely manner.
  • Give corporate counsel a mechanism to reduce corporate exposures.
  • Give corporate counsel a mechanism to reduce corporate exposures.
  • Raise C-suite and corporate awareness of bugging devices and corporate espionage tactics.
  • Ensure valuable corporate information is adequately protected.
  • Ultimately increasing value of your corporate bran

We help you protect valuable corporate intellectual property!

Why Is Routine TSCM / Cyber TSCM Important?

Changes in your corporate environment present new corporate espionage risks.

Changing the location of your office? The IT Director left abruptly? The C-suite offices were remodeled? Customers are not renewing contracts for any obvious reasons? Competitors know your sales strategy before it’s fully implemented? New product information is released before the official launch?

All of these changes and concerns signal an increased risk of corporate espionage using electronic eavesdropping. New eavesdropping devices or new Cyber TSCM related threats may be present. And, failing to detect the threats early may result in loss of your intellectual property. Your company brand may suffer. And, financial losses may result. Read this corporate espionage article for a full explanation.

Corporate espionage is a threat to the longevity and success of your business!  Our corporate espionage detection services detect your exposures early.

Our Corporate Espionage Detection Capabilities:

What Types of Bugging Devices Can We Detect?

We perform a thorough electronic and physical exam. Our experts detect elicit audio or optical bugging devices. We detect GSM, 3g & 4g cellular eavesdropping devices and wireless bugs. We also detect wire & mic taps and telephone taps. Carrier current bugs, micro wireless video device, laser or infrared eavesdropping device are also detected. Our corporate espionage detection services with TSCM / Cyber inspections are thorough and effective!

Why ComSec's Corporate Espionage Detection Capabilities Are Superior:

ComSec's corporate espionage detection experts have a unique combination of Cyber TSCM expertise and broad counterintelligence skills. Our professionals are skilled in:

Cyber Technical Surveillance Countermeasures ("Cyber TSCM"), system assessment, penetration testing, digital forensics, security/privacy audit, law, interrogation, counterintelligence, and cyber warfare.

ComSec also utilizes combined abilities of technical and Human Intelligence (HUMINT). This combination of skills, expertise and abilities clearly gives your organization an advantage.   

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We're Corporate Espionage Detection Experts!

ComSec TSCM Services are available USA Nationwide. We serve: Alabama – AL, Alaska – AK, Arizona – AZ, Arkansas – AR, California – CA, Colorado – CO, Connecticut – CT, Delaware – DE, District of Columbia – DC, Florida – FL, Georgia – GA, Guam – GU, Hawaii – HI, Idaho – ID, Illinois – IL,  Indiana – IN, Iowa – IA, Kansas – KS, Kentucky – KY, Louisiana – LA, Maine – ME, Marshall Islands – MH, Maryland – MD, Massachusetts – MA, Michigan – MI, Minnesota – MN, Mississippi – MS, Missouri – MO, Montana – MT, Nebraska – NE, Nevada – NV, New Hampshire – NH, New Jersey – NJ, New Mexico – NM, New York – NY,  North Carolina – NC,  North Dakota – ND, Ohio – OH, Oklahoma – OK, Oregon – OR, Pennsylvania – PA, Puerto Rico – PR, Rhode Island – RI, South Carolina – SC, South Dakota – SD, Tennessee – TN, Texas – TX, Utah – UT, Vermont – VT, Virgin Island – VI, Virginia – VA,  Washington – WA, West Virginia – WV, Wisconsin – WI, Wyoming – WY, Washington, DC, World-Wide Services.

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