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Kestrel TSCM Pro Software is a powerful, full featured, professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) software.  More specifically, Kestrel leverages advanced software defined radio (SDR) concepts to deliver standalone RF spectrum surveillance, monitoring, collection and analysis functionality. And, it is a highly deployable, mission scalable, travel friendly, full featured RF spectrum analysis software for professionals.

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Kestrel Software is Operator Centric

With Kestrel Software, the technical operator is back in command of the analytical process. Accordingly, the software features an intuitive, user-friendly operator centric user interface. And, the technical operator can setup, navigate, view and analyze multiple instances of independent spectrum and waterfall data sets. As well, Kestrel supports a variety of global and independent preferences to improve operator situational awareness.

And, Kestrel TSCM Pro Software Optional Modules enhance its capabilities and functionality. Optional Kestrel TSCM Pro Software modules include: OPT AEC (Automatic Export Control), OPT CLP (Command Line Programming) , OPT AMCS (Automatic Measurement and Collection System) and OPT TCP (Tap Capture Plot). Learn more about OPT Modules.

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Kestrel TSCM Pro Software Features

User Interface (UI):

Ergonometric user interface promotes operator situational awareness by grouping and dynamically linking essential control elements, in combination with intelligent automation.

RF Spectrum Display (RSD):

Multiple tabbed spectrum windows permit any number of frequency Ranges of Interest (ROI) or band allocations to be searched in parallel.

Waterfall Display (WFD):

Waterfall Display (WFD) and trace recording capability enables the time history of signal events to be instantly reviewed.

Live View Analysis (LVA) TM:

Real-time analysis of continuous and periodic signal events is supported without the need to interrupt the runtime data collection process.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Our Threat Detection Algorithm (TDA) and Signal Combining Technology (SCT) accurately detects and characterizes wide bandwidth signals.

Demodulation and Visualization:

Demodulate and record AM, FM and SSB audio. FFT displays include the RF Spectrum, Spectral Density, IQ Diagram, IQ Vs Time, RSSI History, Analog RSSI, Audio Oscilloscope, AF Spectrum and NTSC Video Demodulation.

More Features

Threat Detection Algorithm (TDA):

Detection modes include: Minimum Detection Amplitude (MDA), Harmonic Signature Threshold (HST) and Chirp Threat Mode (CTM).

Location Differential Signal Analysis (LDSA):

Our graphical DSA model permits the import of floor plans, vertical riser, geographical maps, 3D rendering and photographs of the target area for comparative analysis of all collected data.

Time Differential Signal Analysis (TDSA):

Provides capability to generate technical operator defined DSA traces, based on runtime or post view, consisting of defined time blocks for direct comparative analysis.

Spectrum Baseline Logging (SBL):

The technical operator can quickly capture a detailed baseline trace and reference signal list.

Session Report Generator (SRG):

Our integrated report generator and project management structure provide unprecedented sophistication in a TSCM application.

Operational Advantages of Kestrel TSCM Pro Software

  • Mission Agnostic By Design: Field deployment ready for virtually any RF based surveillance or monitoring requirement.
  • Low Profile & Travel Friendly: Completely portable as a component based spectrum surveillance and monitoring system analyzer.
  • Field Serviceability: Swapping out component level hardware is fully supported, and considered a major benefit.
  • Scalable Solution: Start small or start big, based on budgetary and anticipated deployment requirements.
  • SDR Hardware Upgradable: Upgrade or add the latest SDR hardware.
  • Future Proof Architecture: SDR hardware, host computer platform and antenna technology are field upgradable as mission requirements change.
  • Host Computer Versatility: Upgrade, replace and customize the host computer hardware at any time.

Kestrel TSCM Pro Software is Compatible With the Following Spectrum Analyzers

  • Signal Hound SDR Models: SM200A, SM200B, BB60C, BB60A, SA-44B,  SA-124B
  • ThinkRF SDR: WSA5000-408, WSA5000-418, WSA5000-427, R5500-408, R5500-418, R5500-427
  • Rhode & Swartz SDR Models: EM100, PR100
  • Tektronixs SDR Model: RSA306B
  • Anritsu Corporation SDR Models: MS272xT, MS272xC
  • Shearwater TSCM SDR Model: Merlin MK 3
  • CRFS SDR Model: RFeye Node
  • Keysight | Fieldfox Handheld Microwave Spectrum Analyzer Model:  N9962A

For additional information about SDR compatibility, please reference the Kestrel TSCM Pro Software brochure.

Kestrel TSCM Pro Software License

  • A single full software license is permanent across two (2) computers with one SDR.
  • There are no annual maintenance, or upgrade fees within the same software generation.
  • Supports Dual Receiver Operation (DRO) at the time of purchase, or as deployment needs and requirements change.
  • Updates, bug fixes, new features and enhanced functionality are always provided free of charge within the same generation of the software.
  • Additional ASKs and optional software modules (OPT AEC, OPT CLP, OPT AMCS, OPT TCP, etc.) require an upgrade fee.
  • New generational software releases require an upgrade fee. (Approximately 3-5 years between generational upgrades.)

Kestrel TSCM Pro Software Awards

  • CTSC 2013 and CTSC 2014 Software Defined Radio (SDR) Innovation, Research and Development Excellence Award.
  • 2013 Espionage Research Institute International (ERII) Glenn H. Whidden Award for Best New TSCM Product.

About Kestrel TSCM Software

ComSec LLc is the exclusive sole source distribution partner for Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., for Kestrel TSCM ProfessionalSoftware for the United States of America (USA) including all states and territories, representing US Government / US Military, Commercial Interests, and third-party Military Contractor Sales.

Kestrel TSCM Pro software is a Canadian innovation. Kestrel TSCM Software purchased on ComSe’c web site is delivered electronically by ComSec LLC. As well, Kestrel TSCM software updates are also provided by ComSec LLC via our secure portal.

Kestrel TSCM® Pro Software is a product of the Professional Development TSCM Group Inc. of Canada. Kestrel TSCM® is a registered trademark of PDTG Inc.