Corporate Vulnerability Assessment

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Is Libelous, Embarrassing, Harassing, or Harmful Information About Your Company on the Internet?


corporate vulnerability assessmentOur Corporate Vulnerability Assessment uses Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques to reveal corporate information that the company may deem libelous, embarrassing, harassing, or otherwise harmful to a company’s reputation, its brand, its owner(s), C-Suite and/or its employee(s). The corporate vulnerability assessment is an event driven assessment based on a tailored cyber review to search for content that depicts the activities reported by the client. If malicious actors are at work to destroy or damage the reputation of the company, the company’s brand, or to wreak havoc on owner(s), C-Suite, and/or employee(s) personal or professional lives, our corporate vulnerability assessment can help. Don’t let the bad actors behind the attacks jeopardize the company’s ability to obtain new clients or raise questions about the moral or ethical principles of the company.

Our corporate vulnerability assessment can be used to determine how much false, negative information is available on the Internet about the company, as well as the root or extent of the reported problem, based on a specific client event.



Bad Actors Can Negatively Affect Your Company or Brand Reputation By:

  1. Posting false or misleading information about the company owner(s), C-suite or employees;
  2. Posting fictitious product reviews indicating poor quality, dangerous design, or other unfounded negative information;
  3. Posting comments on social media about a fictitious customer service issue (e.g. rude or unhelpful staff);
  4. Lodge misinformation campaigns about mergers, acquisitions, facility closings, or other fictitious events;
  5. Trolling social media posts and adding comments that are libelous, embarrassing, harassing, or harmful;
  6. Cyber stalking or cyber bullying company employee(s);
  7. Releasing confidential negotiations, contract bids or private or proprietary information.


corporate vulnerability assessment

Who May Be Behind the Attacks?

  • A competitor or their employee(s);
  • A current or former employee(s);
  • Independent sales representative(s);
  • An individual or company that stands to benefit from the misinformation;
  • An individual or company with an interest in influencing stock prices;
  • A cyber stalker or cyber bully;
  • etc.

Do You Need a OSINT Corporate Vulnerability Assessment?

A ComSec LLC OSINT Corporate Vulnerability Assessment will help validate or disprove the open source information you suspect is negatively influencing your business. Depending on the amount or type(s) of information available, it may be possible to determine the root or extent of the problem.


Our Corporate Vulnerability Assessment Includes Two Stages:

  1. We perform an initial assessment and online investigation for a specific event identified by the client. Once this initial assessment is completed (approximately 3-5 hour investigation hours), we provide a .pdf report. This stage of corporate vulnerability scan provides a good indication of  how pervasive the activity is and whether it would be prudent to pursue the investigation any further.
  2. If the client decides to proceed with further investigation, an attempt is made to determine the root cause or extent of the reported problem. A .pdf report of the results of this stage of the corporate vulnerability scan is provided. If an anonymous person is identified, you may be able to seek legal counsel against a specific person.


What Types of Events May Be Investigated?

  • Stock prices tumble on false reports that C-suite executive has been fired for misconduct;
  • Sales have declined after a number of unfounded negative reviews were posted online;
  • A competitor wins a contract that was expected to be awarded to the client, and the client learns that contract was not awarded because of false reports of financial crisis at the company;
  • A reporter calls the company to ask for comments about an impending deal that was a confidential matter;
  • A cyber stalker posts threats of physical violence toward an employee on a company social media account;
  • etc.

OSINT's Value in Corporate Vulnerability Assessments

OSINT or Open Source Intelligence is a military term for information that is available publicly for free and is accessed or gathered by legal and ethical means.

Benefits of OSINT:

  • OSINT is generally a less expensive means of gathering intelligence than other methods.
  • Great Return on investment (ROI) for your investment.
  • Open sources of information are updated frequently (robot scrubbing of data, search engine crawling, etc.)
  • Information that is gathered from open sources can be shared with anyone legally.


Our OSINT Expert:

Len Gonzales ComSec OSINTLen Gonzales brings over 30 years of experience in military and Department of Defense intelligence, including a 21-year Naval career as an Intelligence Analyst and nine years as a Cyber Intelligence Analyst with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).  He is a cyber security specialist who implements Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques to resolve complex issues in the cyber domain.  Utilizing OSINT, he has successfully conducted and participated in online or cyber investigations for multiple state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies.




Employing an OSINT Corporate Vulnerability Assessment, along with routine Assurance Option TSCM Services services, can further reduce your risk of corporate exposures. Contact ComSec today for a quote, or to get additional information.