Expert Eavesdropping Detection Services for Business or Home

Our professional eavesdropping detection services detect traditional bugging devices, devices that use the BlueTooth, Wi-Fi or Cellular network, IOT exposures and related Cyber TSCM vulnerabilities. We detect your exposures, communicate our findings and help restore your privacy.

Our experts are well trained and highly skilled. ComSec also uses the most advanced eavesdropping detection equipment. And, our proprietary methods give you an advantage in bugging device detection. For all of these reasons, ComSec is your best choice for effective, bugging device detection services.

Corporate and Business Services

ComSec makes it easy for you to choose the best eavesdropping detection service for your business! How? We offer three all inclusive, flat fee Business Eavesdropping Detection services. To choose, first determine the number of offices and conference rooms to be surveyed. Second, select the appropriate business eavesdropping detection services from the above diagram. Third, Contact us for a quote.

In addition, your service includes the number of vehicles, cell phones and computers listed for the chosen services option. Need corporate eavesdropping detection services of a larger area, or multiple locations? Contact us for a quote!

Home or Residential Services

ComSec’s three easy, all inclusive flat fee home eavesdropping detection services make it easy for you to choose the best service for your needs. And, our services include a fixed number of rooms, vehicles, computers and cell phones. We make it easy for you to get the residential eavesdropping detection services you need for one all inclusive, flat fee price! Need services for a larger home or multiple residences? Contact us for a quote.

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Learn More About Our Experts & Equipment

Why Choose ComSec?

ComSec’s eavesdropping detection services include a thorough electronic exam coupled with a physical examination.

Our experts detect:

  • Elicit audio or optical bugging devices.
  • GSM, 3g & 4g cellular eavesdropping devices.
  • Wireless bugs.
  • Wire & mic taps and telephone taps.
  • Carrier current bugs.
  • Micro wireless video devices
  • Laser or infrared eavesdropping devices.
  • Cell Phone Spyware/ Malware.
  • GPS Trackers

In other words, we detect very simple to very complex bugging devices. Likewise, we’re equipped and skilled at detecting a full range of bugging devices from the  inexpensive, low tech bugs to the very modern, complex bugging devices.