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How Much of Your Personal Information is on the Internet?

personal data scan osintOur Personal Data Scan uses Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques to reveal your personal information that is publicly available on the Internet. Online databases, web sites, professional profiles, social media accounts, etc. may include information about you. For example, your street address, phone number, age, birthdate, schools attended, relatives, ancestors, etc. may be posted on the Internet on various web sites. While this information may legitimize your credentials when posted on certain Internet sites, the cumulative amount and types of information about you that is accessible on the Internet can be used to challenge your safety, invade your privacy or for identity or financial theft purposes.

Personal data scan results can be used to improve social media site privacy and security, to opt out of online databases and websites that can compromise your privacy, to reveal false or damaging information, etc. Ultimately, the information gained from an OSINT personal data scan can help you to better protect your privacy and personal security, as well as your reputation.



What Types of Personal Information Are Published on the Internet?
  1. Information you post about yourself (e.g. Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  2. Information in public databases (e.g. phone number, real estate ownership/address, etc.)
  3. Information about your interests, hobbies or groups you belong to (e.g. Facebook groups, LinkedIn interests, profiles/pages you follow on Twitter, etc.)
  4. Information about where you grew up, places you have lived, schools attended (e.g. online year books, real estate transactions, etc.)
  5. Information family members, friends, relatives post about you (e.g. pictures or posts you are tagged in that identifying you as a relative in social media, etc.)
  6. Information about your children, spouse or other family members (e.g. children school activities or achievement recognition photos, online obituaries, ancestry websites, etc.)
  7. Altered or damaging information about you that you did not post that resides on the Internet (e.g. suggestive photos, damaging information, etc.)


Why Certain Personal Information on the Internet May Be Detrimental to You

OSINT personal data scan

  • Individuals seeking retaliation may attempt to locate you, particularly if you work in certain professions.
  • You may be visited at home by person(s) who seek to harm you, your spouse, roommates or children.
  • You may be targeted by groups or individuals with opposing views or biases.
  • The information may be used for identity theft or financial theft purposes.
  • Foreigners may target you for certain scams or types of theft.
  • Someone may pose as you on a call or in person and use the information for nefarious purposes.


When Was the Last Time You Hired a Professional to Perform a Personal Data Scan?

A ComSec LLC Personal Data Scan will provide valuable information about the types and amount of information that are publicly available about you.

Our Personal Data Scan includes two stages:

  1. We perform a Personal Data Scan and provide a snapshot of the publicly available information. This can be a general search or a specific subject search you provide. Once the Personal Data Scan snapshot is complete, we provide a .pdf report of our findings.
  2. Then, we can offer follow on services to provide assistance in the removal of certain types of information from the Internet. 


What Types of Information Can Be Discovered?

  • Your home address;
  • Your age / birthdate;
  • Your family members (spouse, children, etc.)
  • Your work history;
  • Politcal affiliations;
  • Groups/organizations you belong to;
  • Your nationality,;
  • Your personal likeness/photo;
  • Your hobbies;
  • Places you frequently visit;
  • etc.

OSINT's Value in Personal Data Scans

OSINT or Open Source Intelligence is a military term for information that is available publicly for free and is accessed or gathered by legal and ethical means.

Benefits of OSINT:

  • OSINT is generally a less expensive means of gathering intelligence than other methods.
  • Great Return on investment (ROI) for your investment.
  • Open sources of information are updated frequently (robot scrubbing of data, search engine crawling, etc.)
  • Information that is gathered from open sources can be shared with anyone legally.


Our OSINT Expert:

Len Gonzales ComSec OSINTLen Gonzales brings over 30 years of experience in military and Department of Defense intelligence, including a 21-year Naval career as an Intelligence Analyst and nine years as a Cyber Intelligence Analyst with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).  He is a cyber security specialist who implements Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques to resolve complex issues in the cyber domain.  Utilizing OSINT, he has successfully conducted and participated in online or cyber investigations for multiple state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies.




Employing an OSINT Personal Data Scan, along with a Residential TSCM Service , can further reduce your risk of personal information exposure. Contact ComSec today for a quote, or to get additional information.