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ComSec's bug sweep services restore your privacy and peace of mind. Our bug sweep services include both TSCM and Cyber TSCM. So, we detect traditional bugging devices, those that utilize BlueTooth, Wi-Fi or the cellular network, and we identify vulnerabilities eavesdroppers exploit.

Our bug sweep experts are highly skilled and use the most advanced eavesdropping detection equipment available. By hiring ComSec, you benefit from our superior eavesdropping detection capabilities and our expertise.

We communicate our bug sweep findings with you and help fix the identified issues. ComSec's bug sweep service is a complete and effective solution. We restore your privacy and peace of mind!

Our clients give ComSec LLC a top rating! So, Contact ComSec by email or call us today 1-800-615-0392

Bug Sweep Service:

Licensed, Insured and Certified. USA Nationwide and Worldwide Professional Services.

TSCM - Detect - Isolate - Secure

ComSec makes it easy for you to choose the best service for your business! How? We off three all inclusive, flat fee business bug sweep service options. First, determine the number of offices and conference rooms to be surveyed. Second, select a business bug sweep service option from the above diagram. Third, Contact us for a quote.

In addition, your service includes the number of vehicles, cell phones and computers listed for the chosen service option. Need a business bug sweep of a larger area, or multiple locations? Contact us for a quote.

ComSec's flat fee, all inclusive service options make it easy for you to easily choose the best service. First, determine the number of rooms or square footage to be surveyed. Second, select the corresponding home bug sweep service option from the image above. Third, Contact us for a quote.

As well, your residential bug sweep includes the number of vehicles, computers and cell phones listed in for the chosen service option. Need services for a larger home or multiple residences? Contact us for a quote.

Learn More About Our Bug Sweep Experts & Equipment:

What Types of Bugging Devices Can We Detect?

ComSec performs a thorough electronic and physical exam to detect bugging devices. More specifically, our bugging device detection experts detect the following types of electronic eavesdropping devices:

  • Elicit audio or optical bugging devices.
  • GSM, 3g & 4g cellular eavesdropping devices.
  • Wireless bugs.
  • Wire & mic taps and telephone taps.


  • Carrier current bugs.
  • Micro wireless video devices.
  • Laser or infrared eavesdropping devices.
  • GPS trackers on vehicles.
  • Cell phone spyware / malware

In addition, you can visit our eavesdropping detection equipment page to learn more about our capabilities.

Can I Detect Bugging Devices On my Own?

In general, it is very hard for untrained people to locate listening devices. Why? Because, bugs can be tiny devices. And, an eavesdropper may hide the device well. Unfortunately, the bug may be disguised and hidden in plain sight too. Surely, an eavesdropper can hide a bug in an item you do not suspect. For instance, bugging devices may be hidden in furniture, wall clocks, pens, calculators or other items. Your electronic devices and technology services may also be compromised. Often, bug detectors that are sold to the public hit on any type of electronic device. How will you be able to tell if your bug detector found an actual listening device? Our skilled experts perform a professional home bug sweep. Surely, our TSCM experts can tell you!

Wolfhound PRO Cellular - Wireless Sniffer Bug Sweep Device

We restore your privacy and peace of mind!  

Who is Targeting Your Business or Home?

The truth is, eavesdroppers come from many walks of life. For example, an eavesdropper may be a competitor, an employee or a business colleague. Also, a company or executive residence may be targeted by a foreign national or foreign government. A reporter, private investigator or extortionist may target a hi profile individual. And, a spouse, ex-spouse or romantic interest may seek personal information. A neighbor may also target a private individual.

More specifically, eavesdroppers may be motivated by money, legal issues, emotions, fame, etc. But, they all want one thing - your valuable information!

Business Targets

Unfortunately, businesses may be targeted for trade secret, confidential or sensitive information. For instance, competitors may want advanced knowledge of your sales strategy or contract negotiations. Likewise, a foreign national or nation may want to steal product or process information that will allow them to replicate it abroad. And, an activist group or a disgruntled employee may want to collect damaging information. Ultimately, a ComSec business bug sweep will help stop leaks of your trade secret and proprietary information. Click here for our corporate bug sweep page.

Residential Targets

If you are an executive, your home or corporate apartment could be targeted for corporate information. Likewise, a former spouse or current romantic interest may target your home for personal information. Even politicians, celebrities and hi profile individuals may be targeted by tabloids, news reporters or profiteers. Why? Simply because private and damaging information is freely discussed in your home. In the final analysis, this is why a professional home bug sweep is important. Click here for home bug sweep page.

If you suspect you are the victim of illegal eavesdropping, contact ComSec today! Call us at 1-800-615-0392 or send us a message via our Secure Contact Form. Don't wait! Every minute you wait the eavesdropper is stealing more of your valuable information. Contact ComSec for a professional bug sweep today!

Separating Truth From Fiction:

Does eavesdropping require large or complex bugging devices? No, it does not. Bugging devices have evolved. They are now small, and most are very easy to use. ComSec's bug sweep pros detect large and small bugging devices. A ComSec bug sweep will also detect simple to complex bugging devices.

Are listening devices only used by government agencies? Government agencies do use listening devices. But, competitors, executives, spouses and other everyday people also use them. Our bug sweep experts detect a wide range of listening devices.

Do listening devices cost thousands of dollars? No, not all bugging devices are costly. The cost ranges from very expensive to just ten dollars. Many police grade bugs and taps are available to the public at very low prices. A professional bug sweep can detect the expensive and low cost devices. Call ComSec today for an expert bug sweep!

USA Nationwide Services

Services Are Available USA Nationwide.  Alabama – AL, 
Alaska – AK, Arizona – AZ, 
Arkansas – AR,
 California – CA,
 Colorado – CO, Connecticut – CT,
 Delaware – DE, 
District of Columbia – DC,
Florida – FL,
 Georgia – GA,
 Guam – GU,
 Hawaii – HI,
 Idaho – ID,
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Indiana – IN,
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 Nebraska – NE,
 Nevada – NV,
 New Hampshire – NH,
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 North Carolina – NC,
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Pennsylvania – PA,
 Puerto Rico – PR,
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 South Carolina – SC,
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 Tennessee – TN,
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 Vermont – VT,
 Virgin Island – VI,
 Virginia – VA,
 Washington – WA,
 West Virginia – WV,
 Wisconsin – WI,
 Wyoming – WY, Washington, DC, Worldwide Home Bug Sweep and Business Bug Sweep Services.

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