The risk of information theft is not overrated. Corporate Espionage is one of the fastest growing problems that major, and even budding corporations have to deal with. One of the methods used for eavesdropping and obtaining confidential company information is technical surveillance. This is where Cyber TSCM or Cyber Technical Surveillance Counter Measures becomes important.

Cyber TSCM is a counterintelligence measure that utilizes a combination of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures and Cyber skill sets. ComSec’s Cyber TSCM Inspection is used to detect electronic eavesdropping devices and/or technical intrusions via remote access attack. Those conducted via GSM / 3G / 4G and CDMA within your company that are purposed for remote cellular access and collection of your confidential information. These attacks enable cyber intruders to gain unauthorized access from anywhere in the world via a mobile phone signal. ComSec has an advanced suite of Cyber TSCM services designed to detect anomalies associated with GSM /3G / 4G and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) attacks. To ensure that business secrets remain a secret and are safe from your competitors, having a Cyber TSCM inspection plan in place is vitally important.

If you fail to implement periodic Cyber TSCM inspections, your company may face one or more of the following risks:

Loss of Important Information

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), Information drain, hacking or espionage is one of the biggest risks that corporations face. When a competitor, rival or disgruntled employee in the industry succeeds in hacking, tapping your phones or planting bugging devices, you will be passing on a huge amount of information to them without your knowledge. This could include important information about your business plans, product trade secrets and the like. Periodic Cyber TSCM Inspections will protect your organization, and enforce Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC).

Technical Surveillance Threats (Surveillance Devices)

Technology has advanced in such great scale that you can now purchase tiny bugs that can record and transmit voice over long distances. These devices can be purchased by anyone online, and even in your local radio shack. The bugs can be so small that you may not notice them at first glance. They can easily be hidden discreetly in objects within your office or in an object on your desk. Without a regular Cyber TSCM Inspection, you may never know that your organization has been compromised, until it’s too late.

Increased Risks

If the bugs for eavesdropping have found their way into your company, chances are high that there is someone internally who is helping your rivals spy on you. It is also possible that your employee was duped into planting the bug in the company, without his or her knowledge. Cyber TSCM specialists not only help you find and remove bugs, wiretaps on phones and system hacks, they also offer training and awareness programs for employees, to help in improving the security protocols of the company.

For a reliable and cost-effective Cyber TSCM Inspection, Contact ComSec LLC today. ComSec also offers an “Assurance Option Plan”, which is a follow-on program custom-made for your firm, after a thorough Cyber TSCM Inspection of your company has been completed. Contact us today we can help. ~JDL

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