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Who We Are:

Professional TSCM and Counter Surveillance Company

We're corporate espionage experts who specialize in vulnerability assessments and electronic surveillance detection.

TSCM Bug Sweep Services

We're experts in eavesdropping detection. We use the best and most current eavesdropping detection equipment. We're well trained. We're thorough. We're effective. We listen to your concerns. We focus on your needs. We respect your privacy. We're discreet. We're top-rated by our clients!

We are a progressive company. Detecting threats takes diligence. We study emerging threats. We are students of the changes. We seek out the best detection methods. Our methods evolve as the threats change. We address Cyber TSCM threats. We provide an all-inclusive TSCM solution. We restore your privacy.

What We Do:

We perform threat assessments that identify your surveillance vulnerabilities. We use this information to detect bugging devices and other technical surveillance threats. We help businesses detect and prevent against corporate espionage via electronic eavesdropping. We help individuals detect bugging devices in their home, computer, cell phone and vehicles.

How? We use a multi-faceted counterespionage approach. The assessment includes HUMINT (Human Intelligence), OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) vulnerability assessments, cyber technical surveillance countermeasures (Cyber TSCM) and mobile device forensics. The assessments identify human, technical and electronic threats.

We provide you with an all inclusive service. Our goal is to restore your privacy and peace of mind. We listen to you. We focus on your needs. We give you a thorough and effective service. That's why we are a top rated, world-class, professional counterespionage company.

TSCM, proven and perfected.™

Licensed, Insured and Certified.

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Our Customers:


We serve businesses and individuals in the USA nationwide and globally. Our corporate clients are Fortune 100 companies to small businesses. We also serve non-profits and government agencies. Our residential clients are executives, celebrities and others who suspect a surveillance threat.

We also partner with organizations who source services for their customers. If you represent a security consulting firm, private investigative firm, government contractor, technology development company, law firm, embassy security firm, we work with you to serve your clients.

We are top rated by our corporate and residential customers. They know we are thorough and effective. We are also discreet and respect your confidentiality. Read customer testimonials.

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Our Leadership:

Counterespionage Expert

The driving force behind ComSec LLC is J.D. LeaSure, our President/CEO. His extensive counterespionage, counterterrorism and counterintelligence knowledge is invaluable to the company and the clients we serve. His distinguished career in these fields spans more than three decades, and includes both work in the USA and globally. Learn more about J.D. LeaSure and the ComSec Team.

J.D. is also the Director of The Espionage Research Institute International (ERII), and a full member of the Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Institute (TSCMi). He is also an active contributor to the world of counterintelligence and technical surveillance countermeasures. Please view our Industry Affiliations to learn more.

Our History:

J.D. LeaSure, ComSec's President/CEO, founded the company in 2007. The Virginia based company was created to address a need for an expert TSCM service provider in the local area. In 2008, ComSec expanded services to USA nationwide. Demand for global counterespionage services grew, and ComSec met this demand. ComSec has enjoyed steady growth since its opening.

ComSec forms strategic alliances with key service providers to offer the best solutions for our customers. We partner with cyber security, software, technology and related providers. This approach allows ComSec to focus on its core business. It also gives our customers options for a total solution.

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